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Photo-shooting Process

Optical viewfinder featuring a glass pentaprism, and providing a 100% field of view and 0.95-times magnification

For optimum ease of viewing and focusing

With an approximately 100% field of view and nearly 0.95-times magnification (with an FA 50mm F1.4 lens set at infinity), the PENTAX KF’s viewfinder provides a large sharp view of the subject, allowing you to capture it exactly the way you want. With very little aberration even at the corners of the image field, it assures excellent ease of viewing in many different photographic situations. It also facilitates manual focus operations, because it makes it easy to locate the in-focus point in the image field.

Excellent operability, even with a gloved hand

Versatile design to optimize the ease of camera operation in outdoor shooting, even when wearing gloves

Grip Design of the grip assures a firm hold of the camera body, even when wearing gloves.

Control buttons and mode dial Four buttons of the four-way controller are contoured for easy access and unfailing fingertip operation, even with a gloved hand. The mode dials height is optimized for ease of rotation. The PENTAX KF is designed with meticulous attention to every detail to provide optimum comfort and utmost operability.

The control buttons to which frequently-used functions are assigned have been positioned for optimum operability. The Exposure Compensation button has been placed next to the shutter release button for easy access, allowing you to press it having to take your eye away from the viewfinder while adjusting the compensation value using the e-dials.

Vari-angle LCD monitor

For flexible outdoor shooting

The PENTAX KF’s vari-angle LCD monitor allows you to position it at any desired angle, making image composition easier in a variety of Live View outdoor shooting applications, such as high-angle shooting using stretched arms or low-angle shots taken from ground level.

Double e-dials

Speedy control of the subject’s motion and the depth of field using original Hyper operating system

The PENTAX KF features a pair of e-dials which can be used to control the PENTAX-original Hyper operation system. To select the Program exposure (P) mode, turn either dial to instantly switch the exposure mode to Aperture-priority (Av) or Shutter-priority (Tv), without taking your view away from the subject.

▶How does PENTAX Hyper Operation system simplify exposure-setting operation for you?

An array of customization tools

Personalizing your camera with favorite settings

You can customize the PENTAX KF’s operation by assigning the desired functions to the set of buttons and dials, including the Fx1 and Fx2 buttons, and the three USER Mode positions of the Mode dial. It also provides a choice of menu items and the order of their listing displayed on the control panel. This customization process lets you set the camera to accommodate your particular shooting style, and allows you to pay greater attention to your subject.


Easy assignment of frequently used settings

You can assign your favorite camera settings to three USER Mode positions of the mode dial, then instantly recall the desired setting based on your subject or creative intentions.

Assignale settings

Exposure mode (P, Sv, Tv, Av, TAv, M, B)

  • Sensitivity
  • EV Compensation
  • AF Active Area
  • Flash Mode
  • Drive mode
  • White Balance
  • Custom Image
  • menu settings (with exceptions)
  • C menu settings

The following camera settings, which are recommended for best results, are initially assigned to the USER Modes as default.


Designed to produce a high-contrast, high-saturation image, this mode emphasizes the clarity and freshness of subjects such as snowfield in the sun or a crystal-clear lake.


Using the clarity-enhanced Advanced HDR (A-HDR) mode and through adjustment of the Custom Image function, this mode is useful for dramatizing scenic images.


Highly useful in astronomical photography, this mode lets you capture the beautiful colors of celestial bodies with great ease, while minimizing the fading of black color in the background. The optional O-GPS2 unit provides an automatic tracking function of celestial bodies in astronomical applications.

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