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smc PENTAX-DA L 18-50mmF4-5.6 DC WR RE
Aperture : F11; Shutter speed : 1/250sec. ; Exposure compensation : -1.7EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 100 ; White balance : Daylight ; Custom image : Landscape

Superb performance that lets you capture moving moments exactly as you see them.

Compose and focus exactly the way you want.
Optical viewfinder with approx. 100% field of view

This camera is equipped with a glass pentaprism optical viewfinder. The 0.95x viewfinder magnification* and approximate 100% viewfinder coverage is now achieved. With this feature, checking focus and composition is easy and you can shoot with focus on the subject.


1=CMOS Sensor

Camera shake is effectively reduced for any lens attached to the camera.
In-body shake reduction (SR)

This camera employs the original shake reduction (SR) mechanism. It effectively reduces camera shake with all lenses, from ultra-wide angle to super-telephoto. Using SR with an image stabilization effect of 3.5 stops*1, the camera automatically applies horizontal correction*2 for countering minute horizontal tilting that occurs when pressing the shutter button. It is also equipped with a DR (Dust Removal) cleaning function that uses high-speed SR vibration to remove dust from the image sensor.

* Complies with CIPA standards (Uses f = 135mm,smc PENTAX DA18-135mm F3.5-5.6ED AL [IF] DC WR)
* The maximum angle that can be corrected is ±1.5 when SR is off and ±1 when SR is on.

Perfect in the dark and when shooting moving subjects. The high-precision AF system.

This camera is equipped with the SAFOX X AF system. In addition to a high-sensitivity AF sensor that is perfect for shooting in the dark, it is equipped with a diffractive lens in the optical system.
Chromatic aberrations are kept to an absolute minimum and focus detection accuracy is increased.
Algorithms are used to increase AF speed even further.

Fast AF performance even in dark scenes.
-3EV low-luminance AF

By using a high-sensitivity AF sensor, the AF low-luminance limit is expanded to -3EV (9 center sensors). This enables accurate AF even in dark locations and reduces the effects of bright sections in backlit conditions for accurate capturing of low-contrast subjects.

Accurately capture the subject you’re aiming for.
11 sensor (9 cross-type sensors) AF system

The 11 AF sensor points let you freely compose shots. Nine of these points are cross-type sensors that make it easier to catch subjects. The center AF points make it possible to focus in the most difficult situations, such as when using a large-diameter lens with a narrow depth of field.

*Nine cross-type sensors ( ) are positioned in the middle.
*In addition to Auto (11 points), there are other AF area selections such as Auto (5 points), Select, Expanded Area AF (during Continuous AF only), and Spot.

Use AF sensors over a wide area to capture moving subjects.
Expanded Area AF

When using Expanded Area AF, surrounding AF sensors will automatically be used even if the subject moves away from the selected AF sensor points. This technology lets you continuously capture moving subjects.

The AF sensor points move with the subject (superimpose moves as well).

Capture lively, split-second subject movement.
1/6000 sec. high-speed shutter

This camera is equipped with a 1/6000 sec. high-speed shutter. With it, you can capture split-second movements of active subjects in sharp detail.

Use continuous shooting and select the best shot afterward.
Approx. 5.5 fps
high-speed continuous

Up to approximately 5.5 fps high-speed continuous shooting is possible. Because the movement and expression that changes from moment to moment is captured continuously without missing a shot, you can select the best shot afterward.

Quickly control the depth of field and sense of movement.
Double e-dials

The camera body is equipped with two e-dials; one on the front and one on the rear. With the Pentax-original Hyper Control System, each of those dials can be used to instantly reflect the aperture and shutter speed, making quick exposure settings possible while looking through the viewfinder.

Quickly activate the function you want
Shooting modes

The mode dial is equipped with a full lineup of shooting modes. Two USER Modes are also available to register frequently-used settings for easy activation at any time.

●Shooting mode AUTO: (Auto Picture Mode), P: (Program), Sv: (Sensitivity Priority), Tv: (Shutter Priority), Av: (Aperture Priority), TAv: (Shutter & Aperture Priority), M: (Manual), B: (Bulb), U1: (USER Mode 1), U2: (USER Mode 2), A-HDR: (Advanced HDR Mode), SCN: (Scene Mode)

Easy-to-carry compact size.
World’s slimmest*
standard zoom lens

The zoom lens part of the kit lens lineup is kept to 41mm when retracted, thanks to the newly-developed lens barrel mechanism. It has a focal length of 27.5 to 76.5mm (35mm equivalent). The camera is easy to take with you when this lens is attached, and the in-lens DC motor drive makes AF operation silent. It also features the same weather-resistant construction as the camera body.

smc PENTAX-DA L18-50mmF4-5.6 DC WR RE(in 35mm format equivalent : 27.5-76.5mm)

Never worry about sudden rain or outdoor conditions.
Weather-resistant/dustproof body

A weather-resistant/dustproof construction was employed for shooting outdoors. Sealing was used on 100 different locations, including buttons, dials, and covers, to prevent rain, water droplets, sand, and dust from getting into the camera.

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