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Aperture : F10; Shutter speed : 1/200sec. ; Exposure compensation : +1.0EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 100 ; White balance :AWB ; Custom image : Landscape

Uncompromising commitment to image quality.
Capture high definition shots of any scene.

Order Color Forest green

Sharp resolution with a low-pass filterless design.
20M CMOS image sensor

The effective pixels of this camera are approx. 20.12 megapixel. To give further priority to resolution, it does not use an AA-filter. This enables capturing the finest details for expressing the beautiful imaging performance through colors with a sense of transparency.

Original technology significantly reduces false colors and moiré
AA (anti-aliasing) Filter Simulator

The AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator is the technology using shake reduction (SR) mechanism that achieves the same effect as an optical AA filter. The image sensor is driven in minute increments during exposures to significantly reduce false colors and moiré. This single camera has the benefit of two: one equipped with an AA-filter and one without an AA-filter.

*Sufficient effects are obtained when shooting at shutter speeds slower than 1/1000 sec. This function cannot be used when taking “HDR” photos.

Advanced image processing for natural colors and high definition.

The latest original PRIME M II imaging engine is used on this camera. Together with the high-performance sensor, beautiful depiction with minimal roughness, transparent colors and a natural sense of details is possible even at high ISO sensitivity.

Maximize lens performance.Diffraction Correction, Lens Correction, Color Fringe Correction, and Color moiré Correction

The camera corrects various issues such as distortion and color bleeding due to lens characteristics, loss of peripheral light, and loss of resolution due to stopping down the aperture. A higher level of digital image quality is achieved through Color Fringe Correction during RAW development and Color Moiré Correction when editing images.

A more natural and realistic finish.Clarity Enhancement

Clarity Enhancement, the Ricoh-original image processing technology, is designed to fit human visual characteristics for imaging with a three-dimensional feel.
This technology gives images the finest textures overflowing with realism.

The photo is an images

Clarity Enhancement off

Clarity Enhancement on

Excellent image quality with minimal noise even in dark scenes.Maximum ISO 51200

The high-performance CMOS image sensor and imaging engine make the ultra-high sensitivity of Maximum ISO 51200 possible. Noise is minimized even in dark locations for shooting without a tripod or flash.

The camera automatically determines settings even in scenes where the exposure is difficult.
77 Multi-segment metering

The screen is split into 77 segments for detailed contrast metering. The total exposure is then determined based on information such as subject position and distance. The correct exposure can be obtained even in backlit situations or scenes with a high amount of contrast.
* Center-weighted and spot metering are also available.

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