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smc PENTAX-DA L 18-50mmF4-5.6 DC WR RE
Aperture : F4.0; Shutter speed : 1/50sec. ; Exposure compensation : ±0.0EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 1600 ; White balance : Multi Auto White Balance ; Custom image : Cross Processing

Make it your very own.
Expand your possibilities of expression in a various way with creative functions.

Enjoy finishes that feel like you’re changing the film type.
Custom Image

Custom Image gives you the ability to obtain your ideal colors and tones in shots. Eleven different options are available, and parameters such as the saturation, hue, key, and contrast can be freely adjusted. Enjoy imaging expressions that are entirely your own.

*The parameters that can be adjusted differ depending on the Custom Image option.


Produce fun photos with an artistic sensibility.Digital Filter

Digital Filter gives you the ability to produce dramatic and unique expressions. In addition to adjusting effects, you can apply up to 20 different processes.

Replace Color

Leave difficult scenes up to the camera.
Scene Mode

With this function, the camera automatically controls settings to perfectly match the scene. There are a total of 19 difference scenes, including Forest and Food.

A-HDR mode

HDR has renewed to produce more picturesque creations.
A-HDR mode

In addition to usual HDR photography, A-HDR mode (Advanced HDR mode) with the benefits of Clarity Enhancement technology is equipped. You can capture photos with a more dramatic finish than ever.

Enjoy more freedom in photos.Versatile drive functions

This model is equipped with a variety of drive functions for expanding the possibilities of expression. Enhanced features such as multi-exposure and post-shooting image compositing are available.


You can shoot any number of images from 2 to 2,000, and composite them to form a single image. You can choose various composite modes such as Average, for an average exposure amount, Additive, for adding exposure, and Bright, for compositing the bright parts of the image.

Interval Shooting/Composite

The camera automatically shoots for a specified interval. This feature is perfect for capturing slow changes in a subject. You can select the shooting interval or shooting standby time as well as more advanced settings. This model is also equipped with Interval Composite for merging all of these recorded images into a single photo.

Continuous shooting compatible self-timer

The self-timer is compatible with continuous shooting. Capture some continuous shots with friends and then choose the best expression from among them afterward.

Other Functions

In-camera RAW processingProcess and adjust parameters using only the camera.

Buffer RAW saveSave the final data when shooting JPEGS in RAW format.

Built-in flashSupports red-eye reduction and slow-speed sync.

Dynamic Range Settings
(Highlight Correction/Shadow Correction)Effectively suppresses overexposure and underexposure.

High-ISO Noise ReductionThis reduces noise when shooting at high ISO speeds.

Auto Picture modeSimply press the shutter button to capture beautiful photos.

Digital Camera Utility 5Put high-grade finishing touches on images with this included software.

This included software lets you process RAW data as well as save JPEG and TIFF formats. This software uses the popular SILKYPIX® engine. With this, you can take your time to add the perfect finishing touches to your creations.


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