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Tough enough for the roughest worksite

Tough body with heightened impact resistance passes the 2.1m drop test

Although it is light and compact, the RICOH G900 features a tempered front lens element and protection at key points, tough enough to withstand the Pentagon MIL-Standard 810F 2.1m (6.9ft) drop test on all 26 sides (6 faces, 8 corners, and 12edges) even when the power is on.

IPX 8 water resistance, good to depths of 20m for up to 2 hours

With Class 8 JIS/IEC water resistance, the RICOH G900 can take photographs for 2 hours at depths of 20m (66ft). Use it on wet worksites or in the rain or the dirt can be rinsed off.

Toughness that shines on harsh jobs

Class 6 JIS/IEC dust resistance keeps out dust and sand. Able to withstand temperatures as cold as -10°C (14°F), the RICOH G900 can be used in cold environments.

Worry-free usage with sodium hypochlorite, ethanol, or liquid chlorine dioxide disinfectants

The RICOH G900 can be used with ethanol, sodium hypochlorite, and liquid chlorine dioxide disinfectants, allowing it to be used worry-free in medical facilities or on production lines.

Support for filters

Third-party 37mm filters can be attached to the lens to protect it from condensation and scratches.

Wide, long neck strap

Long enough to be worn across the chest, the strap is broad and rugged. Camera can also be hanged vertically as it can also be worn around the neck so that the camera can easily be placed in a breast pocket.

Easy to hold, easy to use

The large grip guides your fingers into a position where you can support the camera naturally. Ad ditionally the mode dial and other controls are designed for ease of use with gloves.


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