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G900/G900SEProducts Information

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers for the G900 digital cameras.

Basic Specifications and Functions

What accessories are provided with this camera?

・Neck Strap
・USB Cable (Type-A - Type-C)
・Rechargeable battery DB-110
・Battery charger BJ-11 (USB interface: Type-C)
・USB power adapter
・Power plug
・Macro stand (O-MS3)
・Operating Manual
・Regarding Waterproof Design

*Software User Guide is stored in the camera’s internal memory.
*The followings aren't provided with this camera. camera case, HDMI cable, SD memory card
What are the optional accessories for this camera?

・WIDE CONVERSION LENS [DW-5](equivalent to a 35 mm film camera’s 22 mm)
・BATTERY CHARGER [BJ-11] (USB interfae: Type C)
Can the filter be mounted on the lens?

Yes. Commercially-available filters with a diameter of 37 mm can be mounted on the lens.
What is the picture and movie recording format?

picture: JPEG (Exif ver2.3),conforms to DCF2.0, PRINT Image Matching III
movie: MOV(MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
What interfaces are there?

・USB (Type-C)
・HDMI Micro connector

Accessory Shoe and AV-Out aren't equipped.

Memory Card

What memory cards can I use?

The operation has been confirmed with the following memory cards.

- Panasonic
 SD Memory Cards with capacities up to 2GB
 SDHC Memory Cards with capacities up to 32GB
 SDXC Memory Cards with capacities up to 128GB

- Toshiba (KIOXIA)
 SD Memory Cards with capacities up to 2GB
 SDHC Memory Cards with capacities up to 32GB
 SDXC Memory Cards with capacities up to 256GB

- SanDisk
 SD Memory Cards with capacities up to 2GB
 SDHC Memory Cards with capacities up to 32GB
 SDXC Memory Cards with capacities up to 512GB

- Toshiba (KIOXIA) FlashAir™ SDHC/SDXC Memory card
 ・SD-UWA series16GB, 32GB and 64MB
 ・EXCERIA PRO series 64GB and 128GB
 ・EXCERIA PLUS series 32GB

* Please update your FlashAir™ card to the latest firmware before use.
* Before using a FlashAir card with the G900/G900SE, perform the initial settings using the FlashAir™ card's configuration software.
* Eye-Fi linkage function is not supported.
* When shooting movies, it is recommended to use a high-speed memory card with a speed class of Class 6 or higher.
*The G900/G900SE has about 6.5 GB built in memory.

*Memory passward protection
・Password protection has been tested and approved for use with Panasonic, Toshiba, and SanDisk SDHC and SDXC memory cards of up to 256 GB capacity.
・Do not forget your password. Password-protection cannot be removed by support personnel.
Does the camera come with an SD Memory Card?

No. Memory Cards should be purchased as required.
*Note: Built-in memory is in this camera. (approx. 6.5GB 6.5 GB).
What are caution and restriction points about using a tamper-proof card? (G900SE only)

<<Caution points>>
・A limited number of folders can be created in a temper-proof card. For the number of folders and files that can be ceated, contact the card manufacturer.
・The files in the tamper-proof card cannot be copiesd to a computer via USB cable.

<<Restriction points>>
The followings are not available.
-Skew Correciton
-Interval Movie

※Cont. Shoot/Burst Shoot/M-Cont/S-Cont -
When these are selected, only one shot can be taken.Shooting continuously doesn't work.
※Movie/High Speed Movie -
It takes more time to write the data than using a normal SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card.

[Play back]
The followings are not available.
-Image Copy (From internal memory to a tamper-proof card)
-Recover File
-Divide Movies
-Adding title picture
-Red-eye Edit
-Skew Correction


What kind of battery does the camera use?

・DB-110 rechargeable Li-ion batteries

Other batteries can't be used.
Can DB-65 rechargealbe Li-ion battery for G700 and G800 be used?

DB-65 can't be used.

Shooting and Playback

Can I shoot at the wide-angle side more than 28mm that is 35mm film camera equivalent?

An optional wide conversion lens "DW-5" enables shooting at a lens magnification of 0.8 times (equivalent to a 35 mm film camera’s 22 mm).
Can a release cable be used?

Can a remote control be used?

REMOTE CONTROL WATERPROOF [O-RC1] , which is an option, can be uset.
What are any recommended HDMI cables?

-Pansonic: RP-CHEU15-K(Discontinued)
Is GP-1(for G800SE and G700SE GPS Unit option) available for G900SE?

Use built-in GPS function in the camera.
Is BR-1(for G800SE and G700SE barcode reader Unit option) available for G900SE?

Read a barcode through the camera lens.


What application software are provided with this camera?

<DC Software II>
• DL-20: Download images and videos to the computer.
• LE2: Create camera memo lists.
• ME2: View and Edit memo descriptions, Print them with photos.
• EX2: Rename files according to memo descriptions or export memos as CSV, XML, or text.
• ST-20*1): Create the Wireless LAN settings
• SR-20*2): FTP Server for camera

*1),*2) ST-20 and SR-20 aren't included with G900, G900SE only

Those software setup files are in the camera’s internal memory.
About system requirements for using application software provided with this camera.

• Windows®10(32bit / 64bit)
• Windows®8.1(32bit / 64bit)
• Windows Server® 2019(64bit)
• Windows Server® 2016(64bit)
• Windows Server® 2012 R2(64bit)
How to install the application software to a PC?

1. Power on the camera and Press MENU button.
2. Select [Setup] (wrench mark tab).
3. Select [CD-ROM] at [USB Connection] and press MENU button.
4. Connect the camaera and a PC by a USB cable.
5. Open Windows Explorer and click "CD Drive DCSOFTWARE2"
6. Double click "Autorun" (type: Application) .
7. Click "Installing DC Software II" and continue to setup according to the message.

After installing:
Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and return the [USB connection] setting item to [MSC] by performing steps 1 to 4 above.

Camera memo

What is "camera memo" ?

- Image files taken with the camera have an area where information can be added. The camera memo function allows you to add a memo about an image by using this area.
- The barcode information read by the camera can also be recorded in the camera memo.
- By adding a camera memo to a shooting file, it is easy to identify and classify images.
How to use "camera memo" ?

1. Create a camera memo file by ""LE2"", which is bundled software, and transfer it to the camera. (Refer to Software manual
2. Press MENU button and select [Expanded Settings](MEMO tab).
3. Select [ON] at [Camera Memo Options] and Press MENU button.
4. Display a camera memo by pressing ""ADJ.MEMO"" button and take a picture. the information of camera memo is recorded in the image.

Wireless LAN・ Bluetooth(G900SE Only)

What are the available wireless LAN standards?

- Standards
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

- Srequency (Center Frequency)
2.4GHz (1ch~11ch) / 5GHz (36ch~48ch)

- Security
WEP(64/128bit), WPA/WPA2 mixed PSK, WPA/WPA2 mixed, EAP format enterprise EAP-TLS, PEAP (MS-CHAP v2)
What is the authentication method used for 802.1x authentication?

What is the available Bluetooth® standards?

Bluetooth® v3.0/v4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
What profiles are supported?

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