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High performance outdoor model

A series

Full-size performance in a compact-sized body.
All A series Binoculars offer you impeccable viewing quality in a compact portability and durable design, so you can enjoy carrying convenience without compromising performance.

AD 7x32 ED

AD 7x32
AD 10x32 ED

AD 10x32
Magnification 7x 10x
Effective Aperture of
Objective Lens
Angle of view 7.8° 6.0°
Field of View (at 1,000m) 136m 105m
Exit Pupil 4.68mm 3.2mm
Eye Relief 18.2mm 15mm
Relative Brightness 21.9 10.2
Closest focusing range 3.0m - ∞
Height 128.6mm 119.6mm
Width 129.6mm 129.6mm
Thickness 49.8mm 49.8mm
Weight 585g 530g

AD 9x32 WP

AD 9x32 WP
AD 8x36 WP

AD 8x36 WP
AD 10x36 WP

AD 10x36 WP
Magnification 9x 8x 10x
Effective Aperture of Objective Lens 32mm 36mm 36mm
Angle of View 6.7° 6.5° 5.5°
Field of View (at 1,000m) 117m 114m 96m
Exit Pupil 3.6mm 4.5mm 3.6mm
Eye Relief 16mm 16mm 17.5mm
Relative Brightness 13.0 20.3 13.0
Closest focusing distance 2.5m 3m 3m
Height 138mm 155mm 155mm
Width 128mm 129mm 129mm
Thickness 52mm 53mm 53mm
Weight 500g 640g 640g
AD 9x28 WP

AD 9x28 WP
AD 8x25 WP

AD 8x25 WP
AD 10x25 WP

AD 10x25 WP
Magnification 9x 8x 10x
Effective Aperture of Objective Lens 28mm 25mm 25mm
Angle of View 5.6° 5.5° 5.0°
Field of View (at 1,000m) 98m 96m 87m
Exit Pupil 3.1mm 3.1mm 2.5mm
Eye Relief 18mm 21mm 20mm
Relative Brightness 9.6 9.6 6.3
Closest focusing distance 3m 3m 3m
Height 117mm 110mm 110mm
Width 115mm 105mm 105mm
Thickness 44mm 40mm 40mm
Weight 365g 300g 300g
AP 8x30 WP

AP 8x30 WP
AP 10x30 WP

AP 10x30 WP
Magnification 8x 10x
Effective Diameter of Objective Lens 30mm 30mm
Angle of View 7.0° 5.5°
Field of View (at 1,000m) 122.3m 96m
Exit Pupil 3.8mm 3.0mm
Eye Relief 17.2mm 18.8mm
Relative Brightness 14.4 9.0
Closest focusing distance 3m 3m
Height 119.5mm 119.5mm
Width 158mm 158mm
Thickness 57mm 57mm
Weight 458g 463g
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