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Software Download > Mac OS X-compatible downloads for the Caplio RR10


For details about each file, please click on the item.To download individual items, please click on the download button.
Last Updated 2002.06.20
File Name
RICOHGate_Installer_103.hqx Download
Version V1.03
Size 1.65MB
Copyright 2008 Ricoh Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Item Mounter software
  • * RICOH Gate will not longer be forcibly shut down after MP3 files are transferred.
  • * Please be sure to delete the previous version of this software from your desktop before installing this one. You will not be able to install this version if the previous version is still resident.


Last Updated 2002.04.10
File Name
rr10-133.hqx Download
Version V1.33
Size 324KB
Copyright 2008 Ricoh Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Item Current firmware
Be sure to read, understand, and observe all precautions and requirements prior to attempting these procedures. Failure to do so could render the camera inoperable. If you feel you need assistance, please contact our customer support network .


File Type HTML
Topic Firmware installation · Details and download

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