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Service Contacts

This page provides information about Service for RICOH Digital Camera products.

Please use this information for the following cases.
    • An accessory request.
    • A repair request.

Digital camera product service

Europe, Russia,
Middle East, and Africa:
Customer service:
RICOH PMMC Europe Support
Asia Pacific,
South Africa, and U.A.E.:
Visit the following site to find a local contact.

Asia Pacific contacts
USA, Canada, and South America:
Ricoh Service Center

C.R.I.S. Camera Services
Phone: 480-940-1103
Fax: 480-940-1329
Email: <ricoh@criscam.com>
Other countries


If you cannot find appropriate service contacts for your digital camera:
Contact a dealer where you purchased a Ricoh digital camera.

If you cannot find an appropriate contact information, please contact Ricoh PMMC support.
We will try to help you to find your local contact, or we will forward your message to a person in charge.

Ricoh PMMC Japan

Last updated: December, 2010

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