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RICOH R10 Adjustment File for LCD color balance (ver. 1.15)

Details of the Adjustment File

Update 18-March, 2009
Model & Version RICOH R10 / LCD Adjustment version 1.15
Copyright owner RICOH Company, Ltd.
Copy Restrictions All rights reserved.
Instructions The instructions are available in the bottom of this page.
You will find How to check the current LCD Adjusted value in a camera, and rewriting procedure of the LCD Adjustment file.
Download file details for Windows
File Name r10adj-115.exe
Package Self-expanding executable file
File size 29.3 KB
operating systems
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me
Download file details for Macintosh
File Name r10adj-115.zip, r10adj-115.hqx
Package Zip format, BinHex 4 (hqx) format
File size 415 bytes / 703 bytes
operating systems
[Zip] For Mac OS X 10.3 or greater
[hqx] For Mac OS 9, or Mac OS X and you have the StuffIt Expander in your system

About this downloads

Date Version Details
2009.03.18 1.15 This page contains the LCD monitor adjustment file for the R10.
Use this adjustment file only if you now wish to set your camera back after using the file version 1.17 to reduce the reddish tint in the LCD monitor.


Please be sure to read the following document before the rewriting. You will find the instructions on how to check the version of your camera's current LCD adjusted value, and the rewriting procedure.

To open these files, you need Adobe Reader.
Language Downloads Type / Size
English Instructions Download PDF / 194 KB
Français Instructions Download PDF / 194 KB
Chinese (Simplified) Instructions Download PDF / 228 KB

The html version of the instructions is also available in the following link (in English only).

Adjustment File Downloads

The LCD Adjustment File version 1.15 downloads. This file returns the LCD adjusted value back to the version 1.15.

  Adjustment File Download (for Windows) For Windows
  Adjustment File Download in Zip format (for MacOS X 10.3 or greater) For Mac(.zip)
  Adjustment File Download in hqx format (for MacOS X, MacOS 9) For Mac(.hqx)

If clicking the download button will not work, right-click (Win) or click and hold (Mac) on the download button to choose "Save Link As."

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