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Other functions

Time-Lapse mode

This mode links a series of still images captured over a long period of time, and fast-forwards them at 30, 60 or 150 times of normal speed to create dramatic time-lapse movies.

High-Speed Movie mode

This mode records HD-format images at 120 frames per second, then plays them back at 30 frames per second to create a slow-motion movie — ideal for such applications as reviewing your golf swing.

Endless Recoding mode to create extended movie files

This mode automatically creates a series of five-, 10- or 25-minute movie files during extended movie recording, allowing you to document a subject over a very long period of time.*
*The maximum length of a single movie file is 25 minutes or 4GB.
*The length of a single movie file may vary depending on a selected movie format.

4K 30p 5 minutes 1080/ 60p 10 minutes
1080/ 30p・720/ 60p・720/ 30p 
10 minutes or 25 minutes

High-speed continuous shooting of still images

While you hold the shutter release button down, the WG-M2 captures as many as 10 images in a single sequence at a speed of eight images per second.

LCD orientation function

LCD orientation function NEW

This function records a movie file in an upright, horizontal position regardless of the camera’s orientation, allowing you to mount the WG-M2 on any object and at the desired orientation (0°, 90°, 180° or 270°).

*This function may not be usable in certain shooting modes and/or certain settings.

In-body movie editing tools

In-body movie editing tools

The WG-M2 provides a host of user-friendly movie editing tools, including a divide movie mode to segment a movie at desired points, and a still image save mode to capture a frame from a movie file and file it as a still image (maximum image size of 4K).

Effortless hands-free shooting of lively movies and exciting still images
Venture into a totally new world of exciting, vibrant digital imaging!
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