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Optio W90

Digital Compact Camera: Optio W90

For the Optio W90, PENTAX offers a variety of optional accessories, such as camera cases and an AC adapter kit, to make your digital photography even more enjoyable and creative.

  • O-CC103 Camera Case

    O-CC103 Camera Case

    With an armband to hold the camera firmly on the upper arm
    (Available soon)
  • O-CC1032 Protector Jacket

    O-CC1032 Protector Jacket

    (Available soon)
  • O-CC172 Carrying Case

    O-CC172 Carrying Case

  • O-ST8 Chain Strap

    O-ST8 Chain Strap

  • O-ST81 Sports Strap

    O-ST81 Sports Strap

  • O-ST24 Leather Strap

    O-ST24 Leather Strap

  • no picture

    AC Adapter Kit

    Includes AC adapter and AC plug cord.
  • Battery Charger Kit*

    Battery Charger Kit*

    Includes battery charger and AC plug cord.
  • D-LI88 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery*

    D-LI88 Rechargeable
    Lithium-Ion Battery*

  • I-AVC7 AV Cable*

    I-AVC7 AV Cable*

  • I-USB7 USB Cable*

    I-USB7 USB Cable*

  • With strap loopO-RC1 Waterproof Remote Control

    O-RC1 Waterproof Remote Control

    (For lens zooming and shutter release)
    (Available soon)

  •  Remote Control E

    Remote Control E

    (For lens zooming and shutter release)

  • Remote Control F

    Remote Control F

    (For shutter release only)

* Same as the standard accessories included in the Optio W90 package.

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