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Add your personality to photos with creative expressions.

Custom Image
You can adjust image finishing settings to match your preferences.

You can choose an image finish in the way you'd change a film to match your preferences.You can adjust detailed settings in Parameter Adjustment.


Cross Processing

Digital Filter
The artistic function lets you enjoy eects such as Overlay and Post.

These opt ions make i t easy to create dramat ic and unique shot s . The PENTAX let s you exper ience the enjoyment of applying multiple filters.

Replace Color

Water Color

Tone Expansion

HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Highlight and shadow tones are kept for an image that appears just as it does to the eye.

Three shots with dierent exposures are captured and the sections with a nearly standard exposure are then merged. This feature tones down overexposed and underexposed areas for a single image with a wide range of gradation.

HDR shot

Normal shot

Effect Mode
Simply choose an eect for an easy and creative work of art.

This model is equipped with 10 different effects. Simply set the mode dial to EFFECT to recreate pro photographer-level shooting techniques. It allows you to create wonder ful artistic images.

Faded Color

Infrared FIlter

Scene Mode
Beautiful images even in diffcult situations.

The camera automatically chooses the per fect settings from among 19 dierent scenes.



Auto Picture mode
Simply press the shutter release button to shoot.

Set the mode dial to AUTO and press the shutter release but ton and the camera will automatically choose from scenes such as Portrait, Landscape, and Moving Object.

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