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Hold light in your hands

The light interface “Body illumination” intuitively guides operations.
Advanced functions capture light with complete freedom for a satisfying shot.
Prepare yourself for a new shooting experience where you can hold light in your hand.

Light communicates camera status
Body illumination

The body illumination uses LED to display camera status. This use of light provides intuitive camera control. The design floats like a light display for a unique sense of presence.

[Display sample]

  • Main switch

Green for still images, and red for movies

  • Grip

The 5 lights in a line display Face Detection, Remote Control, and a countdown for Self-timer

  • Mode dial

The currently set mode appears in green. When shutter release is available, the OK button is lit in blue.

Easy to understand displays support operation
New GUI(Graphical User Interface)

A new GUI design is used so setting content for each function can be understood at a glance. Easy-to-understand displays make controls easier.

A fusion of innovation and tradition
New concept design

The camera body’s main chassis portrays a sharp and advanced feel, whereas the light path that contains the traditional pentaprism is very much like an authentic SLR. By combining two di‚ering shapes into a new concept design, a compact, lightweight camera that fits in the palm of the hand is created.

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