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Excellent connectivity and reliability

Enhanced smartphone connection via wireless LAN and Bluetooth® compatibility

This model is equipped with wireless LAN. With it, you can connect to a smartphone and use the app to transfer images and control the camera remotely. Bluetooth® v4.2 is also supported. Enjoy more convenient features than ever before, such as automatically transferring recorded images*, recording location information acquired with your smartphone, viewing camera images on your smartphone from the camera even when its status is off, etc.
*Transferring can be conducted only when connected to wireless LAN.

Image transfer and remote capture is easy with [Image Sync]

Images on the camera can be transferred to a smart device using the [Image Sync] app. Using this feature makes it easier to check images and upload them to social media. You can also shoot remotely from your smart device.
● [Image Sync] is available free of charge on the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

Outdoor View Setting for high visibility and brightness that adapts to your surroundings

This model is equipped with an Outdoor View Setting function that offers optimal visibility whether in bright outdoor settings or in dark environments. You can expand the brightness adjustment range of the monitor beyond its normal capabilities and quickly make selections for a wide range of situations.

What the monitor looks like on a clear day

Images can be compared by sliding the bar.*The image on the monitor is for illustrative purposes only.

Magnesium alloy body for toughness and durability

You need reliability in a tool that you always have with you. A magnesium alloy body was adopted for its light and tough properties and for its high durability.

Ultrasonic wave cleaning to keep the image sensor dirt free

Optical materials in front of the image sensor are vibrated with ultrasonic waves for powerful dirt and dust removal. This feature prevents dust and other particles from ending up in the image.

2 GB of built-in memory for saving images when you need it most

The camera alone can record approximately 140 images (JPEG: L, 3:2) for times when your memory card is damaged, or when you don't have enough space on the card. Recorded images can be copied to a memory card at once.
● Images on the memory card cannot be copied onto the built-in memory.

Excellent connectivity to external devices with USB Type-C

A USB Type-C external interface is equipped on this model. Not only can you connect the camera to a PC to charge and transfer data, it can also be used to connect the camera to a compatible TV or display for image output*.
*Depending on the connecting device, a commercially available USB Type-C -HDMI conversion adapter might be required for connection.

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