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35mm Compact Cameras: ESPIO 105G
  35mm fully automatic lens-shutter camera with built-in zoom lens, autofocus, auto exposure and auto flash.
  35mm DX-coded film with 24mm x 36mm format.
  PENTAX power zoom 38mm - 105mm F/4.5 - f/11 lens; 6 elements in 5 groups.
Focusing System
  Infrared active autofocus system. Infinity-landscape mode available.
Autofocusing Range
  0.65m(2.15 ft.) to infinity.
Exposure Control
  Programmed auto exposure control with multi metering.
Metering Range
Auto mode: EV10 - EV17 (38mm at ISO400) EV14 - EV19 (105mm at ISO400)
Slow shutter speed: EV6.5 - EV17 (38mm at ISO400) EV7 - EV19 (105mm at ISO400)
  Programmed AE electronic lens shutter.
Shutter speeds: approx. 1/360 sec. to 1 sec.; 1/2 sec. to 5 min. in bulb mode.
  Actual-image zoom viewfinder. Viewfinder area : 83% (at 3m). Indication: Focus and flash status, close distance compensation frame and AF frame.
External LCD Indication
  Exposure counter, battery exhaustion warning, infinity-landscape, red-eye reduction, flash on, flash off, slow-speed shutter, bulb and self-timer.
Film Loading
  Automatic film loading with first-frame positioning.
Film Winding
  Automatic film winding.
Film Rewinding
  Automatic film rewinding at end of roll. Automatic stop upon rewind completion. (Mid-roll rewinding possible.)
Film-Speed Setting
  Auto film-speed setting with DX-coded film from ISO25 to ISO3200.
  10-second delay electronic self-timer.

Built-in auto flash. Automatic discharge under low lighting and backlighting conditions in auto mode. Flash on and flash off modes. Recycling Time: approx. 5 sec. with fresh lithium battery. “Red-eye” reduction lamp when “red-eye” reduction feature is in use.
Auto Power Cut-Off
  Automatic cut-off after approx. 3 minutes of non use.
Power Source
  One 3V lithium battery (CR123A type).
  118.5(W) x 69.0(H) x 53.5(D)mm ( 4.7” x 2.7” x 2.1”).
  250g (8.8 oz.) without battery.

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