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35mm Compact Cameras: ESPIO 105G
Compact, Fashionable Body Packed with User-Friendly Features
Encased in a fashionable champagne-gold body, the ESPIO105G offers a simple, effortless way to preserve memorable family scenes. Its versatile 38mm-105mm zoom lens lets you capture a variety of subjects in ideal composition, while its simplified operation with user-friendly functions ensure that you shoot beautiful pictures frame after frame.
Point-and-Shoot Convenience with Automatic Focus and Exposure Control
Taking pictures is pushbutton easy with the ESPIO150G. Just press the shutter release button, and the camera does the rest. It even activates the built-in auto flash to properly expose your subject whenever needed — against backlight, in dimly lit indoor scenes or at night.
Slow Shutter and Bulb for Creative Images
Use the slow-shutter mode to capture beautiful sunsets, or take advantage of the bulb mode to preserve brilliant nighttime illuminations. The ESPIO105G offers creative options for artistic expression.
Zoom Macro for Close-Up Photography from 65cm Away
The ESPIO105G's zoom macro feature lets you take pictures from only 65cm away at any focal length. At the 105mm telephoto end, it gives you a maximum magnification of 0.188 times for finely detailed close-up images.

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