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  • IR Blocking Filter

    A 67 mm IR cut filter used when doing general photography of the visible light spectrum using the PENTAX 645Z IR.

  • Auto Flash (Case and stand included)
    (AF540FGZ II)

    A high-power, dustproof, weather-resistant flash unit compatible for close range movie recording

  • Auto Flash (Case and stand included)
    (AF360FGZ II)

    A high-performance flash unit featuring an LED light

  • Auto Flash (Case and stand included)

    A compact, lightweight flash with a dustproof and weather-resistant construction. Guide number of up to 20 (ISO100/m). Features simplified operation in which flash photography can be done by just turning the discharge mode dial, which also functions as the power on/off switch.

  • AF160FC Dedicated Auto Macro Flash  Discontinued

    A ring flash convenient for close-up photography since it provides lighting without creating shadows on the subject.


    By using this film copying accessary, a digital interchangeable lens camera, macro lens, and external flash, digital copies of negative film and positive film camera can be easily done.

  • GPS Unit

    A GPS unit that records on photographed images various types of data obtained via GPS. It is useful for image management. Click here for details


    For remote camera operation and wireless data transfer. Click here for details

  • AF Frame Matte Focusing Screen
    (DF-80) *included

  • Cross-Lined Matte Focusing Screen

  • AF Golden Mean Matte Focusing Screen

  • Cable Switch

    A shutter-release accessory handy for extended exposures

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

    For a spare battery on the road

  • Battery Charger Kit

    For recharging the exclusive D-LI90 battery

  • AC Adapter Kit

    For power supply from household electrical outlets

  • Waterproof Remote Control

    A weather-resistant remote controller, perfect for the shooting in drizzle and by the water
    *The battery is not changeable

  • Image-Sensor Cleaning Kit

    A cleaning kit that uses the adhesive capacity of a special urethane rubber to remove dust clinging to optical components.

  • IMAGE Transmitter 2

    Software that enables the transferring of photographed images to a PC and the operation of the camera with a PC using Live View.

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