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Details of the firmware update

Update October 21, 2011
Model & Version GR DIGITAL III / Version 2.50
Copyright owner RICOH Company, Ltd.
Copy Restrictions All rights reserved.
Update instructions The firmware update instructions are available in the bottom of this page

ZIP format download
File Name gr3-250.zip
Package Zip format
File size 1.54 MB
operating systems
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.3 or greater
EXE format download
File Name gr3-250.exe
Package Self-expanding executable file
File size 1.68 MB
operating systems
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
hqx format download
File Name gr3-250.hqx
Package BinHex 4 (hqx) format
File size 2.10 MB
operating systems
For Mac OS 9, or Mac OS X and you have the StuffIt Expander in your system

Revision history

Date Version Details
2011.10.21 2.50 Add the following enhanced features. The detailed information is available in a PDF document.
  • 1 [ISO Auto-High Settings] option
    New options are added for ISO [Auto-Hi]. Now the upper limit for ISO sensitivity, and the shutter speed when to switch the ISO sensitivity can be set.
  • 2 New option : [CONTRAST-BKT]
    Contrast Bracketing is added in [Auto Bracketing] menu.
  • 3 New ADJ. Lever Setting option : [ADJ. Lever Setting 5]
    Number of items that can be assigned to ADJ. Lever is now 5 (from 4 until the previous version).
  • 4 New option for [High-Contrast B & W] : [Vignetting]
    When [High-Contrast B & W] scene mode is selected, Vignetting option is now available in the Shooting menu.
  • 5 Supports [GL-1] (optional metal lens cap)
    The power button lock function is included for the GL-1 usage. When the GL-1 is attached, the camera will not start up even if the power button is pressed. (However start-up in the Playback mode is available by holding and pressing the Playback button.)

Modified / changed the following items.
  • 1 The displayed text for aperture / shutter speed may be lacking when auto rotating. Modified the display correctly.
  • 2 Improved focus accuracy when Spot AF is used under brightness environment.
  • 3 Corrected the focus-bar display under the following conditions. Aperture Priority mode or Manual Exposure mode for mode dial; [Snap] for Focus; and [1.5 m] for Snap Focus Distance.
  • 4 White Balance Compensation in the Playback mode is now available for JPEG files that are recorded with RAW images.
2011.03.28 2.30 Add the following enhanced features. The detailed information is available in a PDF document.
  • 1 [New focus option : Subject Tracking AF]
    The Subject Tracking AF has been added into the focus options.
  • 2 [New option : AF/Subj. Track] in Set Fn button
    [AF/Subj.Track] option can be assigned to the Fn1 button / Fn2 button.
  • 3 [ADJ. Lever setting changes] for the SCENE modes
    Items set for ADJ. Lever Setting 1 ~ 4 can be accessed in the SCENE modes.
  • 4 [New option : Area Measured for Manual WB]
    With this option, the area measured for manual white balance can be selected from [Spot] or [Entire frame].
  • 5 [Electronic Level indicator]
    The electronic level displays during self-timer working.

Modified the following items.
  • 1 The 'Exif_JPEG_PICTURE' had been automatically input in the title field for exif tag in images, the value is no longer input in the title field.
2010.10.08 2.20 Add the following enhanced features. The detailed information is available in a PDF document.
  • 1 [New scene modes : High-Contrast B&W, Cross Process]
    The High-Contrast B&W, and the Cross Process options have been added to the SCENE mode.
  • 2 [New option : Restore Defaults for Key Custom Settings]
    The [Restore defaults] option has been added to the Setup menu (Key Custom Settings tab). This option restores the key custom options to default.
  • 3 [New option : Delete My Settings]
    The [Delete My Settings] has been added to the Setup menu (Key Custom Settings tab). This option restores the settings for [MY1], [MY2], [MY3] on the mode dial to default, or reset the My Setting Box to default.
  • 4 [New feature : Magnification Ratio (MF)]
    The [Magnification Ratio (MF)] option has been added to the Shooting menu. The magnification ratio can be selected from 2x or 4x (fixed 2x with the previous version). This option works when holding the [MENU/OK] button in manual focusing.

Modified the following items.
  • 1 Reviewed the ISO sensitivity range conditions when shooting with the combination below; S mode, Shutter speed Auto Shift On, and ISO Auto/Auto-Hi.
  • 2 Corrected the phenomenon when an Eye-Fi card is inserted in the camera and it turns on the power on, that it will take time to start up, or the camera will not start.
2010.05.19 2.10 Add the following enhanced features. The detailed information is available in a PDF document.
  • 1[New Noise Reduction Option : MAX]
    The MAX option has been added to the [Noise Reduction] in the Shooting menu.
  • 2[New Bracketing Options : AE-BKT 1/3 EV and AE-BKT 1/2 EV]
    Auto exposure bracketing up to 2.0 EV becomes available. The order of exposure variations can also be configured.
  • 3[New feature : Trim]
    Trimming a captured image in the camera becomes available. The trimmed image is recorded as another file. The [1:1] aspect ratio can be selectable while trimming.
  • 4[New White Balance Options : Incandescent 1 and 2]
    Originally there was one option for incandescent light in White Balance, but [Incandescent 1] and [Incandescent 2] become available. [Incandescent 2] will result with slightly warmer than [Incandescent 1]. The original [Incandescent] is replaced by [Incandescent 2].
  • 5[New feature : Shutter speed Auto Shift]
    When the [Shutter Speed Auto Shift] is set to [On] in the S mode, the camera will automatically adjust shutter speed for optimal exposure in the case that the selected shutter speed by the user will result for over exposure or under exposure.

Modified the following phenomenon.
  • 1 In the M mode, when [One Press M Mode] > [Aprtr Priority] is selected, a shutter speed may vary when aperture is changed. Modified them not to vary shutter speeds.
  • 2 Reviewed flash emitter conditions at flash Auto in the S mode.
2009.12.01 2.00 Add the following enhanced features. The detailed information is available in a PDF document.
  • 1 [The GF-1 Flash unit compatibility]
    The camera now supports the optional flash, GF-1. This update allows TTL-auto flash control with the GF-1.
    * During interval shooting, any external flash unit will not fire.
  • 2 [Date List] in playback
    With 81 frames view in the playback mode, clicking the thumbnail button thumbnail button changes a list grouping pictures by date.
  • 3 [Page List] in playback
    In thumbnail view (20 frames, 81 frames, or Date List), you can switch the view between the image selection screen and the paging screen.
  • 4 [Menu Page Advance]
    You can switch pages by using the zoom button zoom button in the Shooting menu, in the Setup menu, or in the "Edit My setting" menu with selected an item.
  • 5 [Snap Focus Distance]
    The [1.5m] option has been added in the Snap Focus Distance in the shooting menu.
  • 6 [ADJ. Direct ISO control]
    The ADJ. Direct ISO control has been added in the shooting menu. With this option [On], you can use the ADJ. lever to change the ISO sensitivity value when the camera is in a shooting mode.

Modified the following phenomenon.
  • If you have registered the following settings to a My setting, and then if you switch between My1 and My2 with an Fn button for instance, the AF mode will not be reflected correctly.
  • Setting registration example:
    • MY1 : AF(Spot)/MF in an Fn button
    • MY2 : AF(Mult)/MF in an Fn button

Changed the following feature.
  • During interval shooting, the external flash unit will not fire. Use the built-in flash.
2009.09.30 1.21 Modified the following phenomena.
  • 1 With the combination of the following conditions, it will not properly appear the image in the position display window that is shown when you playback with enlarged.
    • [Auto Rotate] ON
    • Rotate the camera to the lengthwise direction
    • Playback the picture that was captured in the lengthwise direction and with [3:2] or [1:1] in the image size
  • 2 Set the focus to [MF] (Manual focus) and turn the power off, and then turn the power on again, the focus distance will become infinity.
  • 3 In Manual focus, if you enlarge the center part of the image in the screen, the enlarged part may become black-out rarely.
  • 4 With attaching the GW-2 (wide conversion lens), there may be rare occasions that information on the focus distance in Exif will not be recorded correctly (Correctly, which should be recorded as 21mm; 35 mm filmcameras equivalent).
  • 5 In taking pictures by switching between macro mode and normal mode, the resolution in surrounding parts (four corners) may change.

Update instructions

Please be sure to read the following document before a firmware update. You will find the instructions on how to check the current version of your camera's firmware, and the firmware update procedure.
To open these files, you need Adobe Reader.
Language Downloads Type / Size
English Instructions Download PDF / 194 KB
Français Instructions Download PDF / 194 KB
Chinese (Simplified) Instructions Download PDF / 228 KB


The following files provides the details about the enhanced features on the firmware updates, version 2.00 or greater.
To open these files, you need Adobe Reader.
Language Downloads Type / Size
English Docs Download PDF / 467 KB
Français Docs Download PDF / 487 KB
Deutsch Docs Download PDF / 495 KB
Italiano Docs Download PDF / 487 KB
Japanese Docs Download PDF / 505 KB
Korean Docs Download PDF / 543 KB
Español Docs Download PDF / 487 KB
Russian Docs Download PDF / 515 KB
Thailand Docs Download PDF / 519 KB
Chinese (Simplified) Docs Download PDF / 617 KB
Chinese (Traditional) Docs Download PDF / 640 KB

Firmware Downloads

The most recent version of this firmware includes all previous updates.

  Zip format download (for Windows 7, MacOS X 10.3 or greater) ZIP(for Win/Mac)
  EXE format download (for Windows Vista, XP, 2000) EXE(for Windows)
  hqx format download (for MacOS X, MacOS 9) hqx(for Mac)

If clicking the download button will not work, right-click (Win) or click and hold (Mac) on the download button to choose "Save Link As."

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