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G700 firmware

Details of the firmware update

Update November 28, 2013
Model & Version G700 / Version 1.23
Copyright owner RICOH Company, Ltd.
Copy Restrictions All rights reserved.
Update instructions The firmware update instructions are available in the bottom of this page.

ZIP format download
File Name g700-123.zip
Package Zip format
File size 3.06 MB
operating systems
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.3 or greater
EXE format download
File Name g700-123.exe
Package Self-expanding executable file
File size 3.31 MB
operating systems
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
hqx format download
File Name g700-123.hqx
Package BinHex 4 (hqx) format
File size 3.98 MB
operating systems
For Mac OS 9, or Mac OS X and you have the StuffIt Expander in your system

Revision history

Date Version Details
2013.11.28 1.23 Following problem was corrected.
  • Interval Shooting; the cycle of set time interval doesn't work correctly.
2013.03.06 1.22 Added the following features. Detailed information is available in a PDF document.
  • "Card Sequence No" can be selected with "File name Custom".
2012.12.18 1.19 Added the following features. Detailed information for (1) ~ (2) is available in a PDF document.
  • 1 Added Barcode Mode4
  • 2 Added Camera memo for movie

Following problems were corrected.
  • 1 When [Card sequence No.] is On, consecutive numbering won't be continued.
  • 2 When [Camera Memo Imprint] is On, "No Setting" items are stamped on a picture file.
2012.09.26 1.18 Added the following features. Detailed information for (1) ~ (3) is available in a PDF document.
  • 1 Added New Picture Quality/Size options
  • 2 Added File name Custom function
  • 3 Support for "Write Once" memory cards manufactutred by Toshiba.
2011.10.13 1.12
  • 1 There may be a case that the time relevant items in the Exif information (DateTime, DateTimeOriginal, and DateTimeDigitized) have 1 second difference between them. Modified them not to appear the difference.
  • 2 Modified to read the data further on 64KB correctly in the Barcode Mode 3.
  • 3 Modified the phenomenon that the setting may not be reflected correctly when [MF] is registered for focus as My Setting.
2011.06.17 1.09
  • 1 Added Folder naming options
    • * The images in the folder that has been created with this function will not be transferred by the supplied software (DL-10). In order to download these images, drag-and-drop copy images by connecting the camera in the mass storage mode, or by using a card reader/writer.
  • 2 Added the option for Show Folder at startup
  • 3 Added Folder playback option
  • 4 Added CALS Picture Quality options
  • 5 Added Camera Memo Options
  • 6 The following 2nd dimensional bar codes are added; Aztec (Compact), Aztec (Full Range).
  • 7 Playback zoom is now available with image memos.
  • 8 Thumbnail view is now available with image memos.
* Detailed information for above are available in a PDF document.
2010.11.12 1.07 Modified the phenomenon that appeared with the following steps.
  • 1When you store a voice memo to the [No. 2] item or after, and play back the image with that voice memo, and then go into the memo edit screen to register the voice memo to the [No.1] item, but it will not be recorded.

Update instructions

Please be sure to read the following document before a firmware update. You will find the instructions on how to check the current version of your camera's firmware , and the firmware update procedure .To open these files, you need Adobe Reader.

Language Downloads Type / Size
English Instructions Download PDF / 921 KB
Français Instructions Download PDF / 942 KB
Chinese (Simplified) Instructions Download PDF / 0.98 MB
Japanese Instructions Download PDF / 1.01 MB


The following files provides the details that has been added on the firmware update, version 1.09 or greater.
To open these files, you need Adobe Reader.
Language Downloads Type / Size
English Docs Download PDF / 556 KB
Français Docs Download PDF / 563 KB
Deutsch Docs Download PDF / 566 KB
Japanese Docs Download PDF / 582 KB

Firmware Downloads

The most recent version of this firmware includes all previous updates.

Zip format download (for Windows 7, MacOS X 10.3 or greater)

ZIP(for Win/Mac)

EXE format download (for Windows Vista, XP, 2000)

EXE(for Windows)

hqx format download (for MacOS X, MacOS 9)

hqx(for Mac)

If clicking the download button will not work, right-click (Win) or click and hold (Mac) on the download button to choose "Save Link As."

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