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52x Optical Zoom

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A powerful 52-times optical zoom lens brings new discoveries and creative inspirations to your digital photography

Every time you zoom the lens, you discover a new perspective.
Frame those precious moments with family and friends in the most attractive way.
The PENTAX XG-1 lets you capture the world around you flexibly and effortlessly.

52x magnification

52X magnification

1x magnification

1X magnification

Approx. 24mm*

52x magnification

52X magnification

Approx. 1248mm*
* In 35mm format equivalent

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Main SpecificationsRead more

Focal Length (in 35mm format equivalent) 4.3 - 223.6mm (Approx. 24 - 1248mm)
Optical Zoom 52x
Dimensions Approx. 119 mm (W) x 89 mm (H) x 97.5 mm (D) (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 567g (including dedicated battery and an SD memory card)





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