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Your world is not flat.


Your world is not flat.

Take amazing spherical images with RICOH THETA.

Enjoy photos you've taken right away

Capture everything around you with a single click of the shutter.
Now you can shoot videos as well as still images! Simply convert the video in a computer application to enjoy up to 3 minutes of video footage with sound.

Share the space around you.

You can transfer these spherical images from RICOH THETA to your smartphone and then easily share them on social networking services. You can also save photos to the album on your smartphone and share them in private.
*Images can be shared on Facebook from the Android app.

Share your own street view with the whole world.

You can share your own original street view with the whole world by posting spherical images taken with RICOH THETA to Google MapsTM. You can also post spherical images to Google+TM, allowing you to scroll around your spherical images* and share them easily with friends.
*Only compatible with Android phones.

*This image is not an actual photograph.

The RICOH THETA is constantly evolving

Record your world (video function)

You can now shoot 360° videos (with sound) up to 3 minutes long. There are now even more ways to enjoy the 360° world!

*In order to view the videos, a computer application is required to convert the videos that are shot separately.

Manual Shooting Function

You can select from "Auto Shooting", "Shutter Speed Priority" and "ISO Priority" when shooting spherical images. Set a low ISO sensitivity to achieve images with low noise even in dark areas. You can also select white balance in "Shutter Speed Priority" and "ISO Priority".

Interval Shooting Function

You can monitor a 360-degree area by using the interval shooting function to shoot continuously at a fixed interval set by you.

Blurring Function

You can select and blur part of a spherical image you have taken. This enables you to maintain privacy when sharing images on SNS by blurring out areas of concern.

Launch of API and Provision of SDK (Beta Version)

RICOH THETA for iPhone / Android

This is a dedicated app for enjoying (taking, viewing and sharing) spherical images captured with RICOH THETA.

*Can be downloaded free from the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android).
*See our website or check with our customer service for compatible iOS and Android operating system.

Capturing images

You can take photos remotely using this app.

Viewing images

Swipe and pinch in the app to view your spherical images and videos any way you want.

*In order to view the videos, a computer application is required to convert the videos that are shot separately.


You can post your spherical images to SNS easily from the app.

RICOH THETA for Windows® / Mac

A PC application allowing you to save and view your spherical images in high resolution.

*Can be downloaded free from our dedicated website, theta360.com. AdobeR AirR needs to be installed to use this application.

Viewing & Sharing

You can save high-resolution spherical images and movies to your computer using included USB cable and then view them or post them to SNS.

Converting Videos

Save separate videos shot on your RICOH THETA to your computer using the provided USB cable, and then convert in the computer application.

*Video conversion performance varies depending on your computer environment (OpenGL technology). See theta360.com for details.

Firmware version updates

You can update the firmware version from this application. We recommend updating the version of RICOH THETA regularly, as new function will be added in future.

Attachment for strap
(5 colors available)

Attach this to the tripod hole at the bottom to use a strap available from stores.

Main Specifications

Shooting distance Approximately 10cm to infinity (from front of lens)
Shooting mode Still image: Auto, shutter priority, ISO priority *5, Video: Auto
Exposure control mode Automatic
Exposure compensation Still image: Manual compensation (-2.0 - +2.0EV, 1/3EV step) *5
ISO sensitivity(standard output sensitivity) Still image: ISO 100 to 1600, Video: ISO 100 to 400
White balance mode Still image: Auto, indoors, outdoors, cloudy, incandescent lamp 1, incandescent lamp 2, daylight color fluorescent lamp, natural white fluorescent lamp, white fluorescent lamp, light bulb color fluorescent lamp*5, Video: Auto
Shutter speed Still image:1/8000 to 1/7.5 secont, Video:1/8000 to 1/15 secont
Memory Internal, approximately 4GB
Storage capacity *1 Still image: Approx. 1200, Video (time per recording): Max. 3 minutes, Video (total recording time): Approx. 40 minutes. *6
Power Internal lithium ion battery *2
Battery life Approximately 200 captures *3
Image file format Still image: JPEG (Exif Ver. 2.3), DCF2.0 compliant, MOV (Video: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Audio: LinearPCM)
External interface microUSB2.0
Dimensions(L x W x D) 42mm x 129mm x 22.8mm (17.4mm *4)
Weight Approx. 95g
Operating temperatures 0 to 40℃
Operating humidity Under 90%
Storage temperatures -20℃ to 60℃

*1: The number of photos and time are guides only. The actual number differs according to the photography conditions. *2: Charge the battery by connecting it to a PC using the supplied USB cable. *3: The number of photos that can be taken is a guide based on RICOH's measurement method(wireless on, one photo taken every 30 seconds and transferred to smartphone). The actual number differs according to usage conditions. *4: Exclusing lens section *5: A smartphone is required to change modes or configure manual settings. *6: Automatic shut down if the internal temperature increases.
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