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About the series

Most Advanced Digital Lens for the Latest in Photographic Expressions


These are super high-performance lens created for enabling digital single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras to reach unprecedented levels of image quality and provide even more dramatic photographic expression. We have striven to reach the highest levels of uncompromising optical performance, including advanced imaging performance that corrects various types of aberrations for all focal lengths and shooting distance ranges.


Photography is an extremely creative form of expression. The unique individuality of the lens itself even has the power to incite emotions. For the HD PENTAX-DA Limited lens, repeated performance evaluations using actual images were used to enable crystal-clear imaging with a deep richness and three-dimensional sensation going beyond mere numerical evaluation. The lens barrel also features an attractive machined aluminum finish with a feel that will draw you closer to the lens whenever you touch it.


These lenses provide balanced performance in combination with PENTAX digital SLR cameras. These lenses deliver high-resolution digital images and high-contrast imaging with a minimum of ghosting, and at the same time, provide superior ease of operation, a compact size, and other features for total high performance.

PENTAX Lenses with Diverse Wide Range

FA Limited, FA

In addition to lenses exclusively for digital cameras, PENTAX lenses are available in a wide lineup, including the SmC PENTAX-FA Limited lens, for providing a broad range of individuality and expressive power. Any K mount lens from 1975 and onward can be attached to PENTAX digital SLR cameras. Adapters are available to enable attachment of the PENTAX 645 lens, 67 lens, screw mount lens, and your other lenses. The PENTAX lens lineup features a wide coverage and versatility for giving you a rich variety of options for photographic expression.

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