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How to Read Lens Product Names

Series name
This indicator shows the PENTAX lens series. A wide lineup of lens with a variety of individuality and expressive power are available such as various DA series, including the advanced high-end digital lens “DA Star”, and the FA series.
Focal length
This number indicates the distance between the imaging element (sensor unit) and the lens when in focus. Lenses with variable focal length are zoom lenses, and lenses with a fixed focal length are single focal point lenses. This also affects the angle of view (captured range (angle)). Shorter focal lengths enable capturing of a subject in a wider angle of view and distance, and longer focal lengths result in a narrower angle of view and make the subject appear larger and closer.
F-value at maximum aperture
This is the numerical value when the lens iris is opened to the maximum aperture (enabling a large amount of light to pass through = bright), and this indicates the smallest F-value (iris value) that can be set for this lens. A smaller F-value results in a larger lens aperture, increasing the amount of light that passes through, and this enables the shutter speed to be increased.
Function indicator
This indicator shows the functions (performance) included with this lens.
For details on other functions, see the detailed description page.PENTAX Lens Technology

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