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smc PENTAX-DA 18-270mmF3.5-6.3ED SDM

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This lens features a super high magnification of approximately 15X with a ultrasonic drive AV and enables shooting from wide to super telephoto.

It has a focal length equivalent to 27.5mm (wide) to 414 mm (super telephoto) in the 35mm film format.
This is a super high magnification zoom lens that supports the shooting of various scenes. The lens design is lightweight (453 g) and compact (length: 89.0 mm) and uses ED (Extra-low Dispersion) Glass and aspherical lens for providing delineation performance.

Digital SLRs only SDM Round Iris Diaphragm ED (Extra-low Dispersion) Glass Aspherical Lens (AL) Inner Focus (IF)

Hood : PH-RBD62 Included, Case : S80-120 Optional
JAN-Code / 4549212 219634

Features / Specifications

High-magnification 15X zoom lens with focal length equivalent to 27.5mm to 414mm in 35mm film format
This is an all-purpose zoom lens capable of the necessary wide angles for indoor shooting and snapshots and also super telephoto shooting of sports action and wildlife.
Built-in ultrasonic AF motor (SDM)
Ultrasonic motor is used in the lens for providing an "SDM" mechanism that enables quiet and smooth autofocus operation.
High-performance optical system using ED (Extra-low Dispersion) Glass and aspherical lenses
The optical system uses two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) Glass and three aspherical lenses for correcting various types of aberration and enabling full edge-to-edge lighting and sharp resolution.
Lightweight and compact
The latest optical design technology was used to combine high magnification performance into a compact, lightweight design in this lens for providing the highest ease of operation and mobility.
Minimum shooting distance of 0.49m over entire zoom range
This lens allows a maximum shooting magnification of 0.26X for closeup photography. Small flowers and other objects are captured with visual impact.

*This lens does not use the Quick-Shift Focus System.

Type Normal Zoom
Focal length (Equivalent to 35mm format) 18-270mm(27.5-414mm)
Maximum aperture F3.5-6.3
Minimum aperture F22-45
Angle of View 76°-6°
Lens construction 16 elements / 13 groups
No. of diaphragm blades 7
Closest focusing distance 0.49m
Maximum reproduction ratio 0.26x
Filter size 62mm
Diameter x length 75.8 x 89 mm
Weight 453g

Compatibe Comberters (Click here for details)

A 1.4x -S : ◯
A 2x -S: ◯

Phase-matching:△  Contrast-detection:△

*This converter may not provide accurate focus with a camera equipped with a phase-matching AF system, and a contrast-detection AF system.

*When mounted, this converter closes down the lens’s maximum aperture by one stop.

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