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smc PENTAX-DA 40mmF2.8 XS

  • Single Focus
  • DA

Super thin single focal point lens.

Like the digital SLR "PENTAX K-01*" camera, this super thin single focal point lens was designed by the world-renowned industrial designer Marc Newson. Based on the optical design of the "DA 40mm F2.8 Limited" with its proven track record, this lens is super-thin with a total length of only 9.2mm, and it is also called a "biscuit lens". This size enables high mobility when storing or carrying around.

*K-01 is discontinued.

Digital SLRs only Body AF SP Coating Round Iris Diaphragm

Case : DA40 Optional
JAN-Code / 4549212 214561

Sample Images

  • Photo by GION

    Aperture F8.0, Shutter speed 1/250sec, Focal length 40mm

  • Aperture F8.0, Shutter speed 1/40sec, Focal length 40mm

  • Photo by GION

    Aperture F11, Shutter speed 1/6sec, Focal length 40mm

Features / Specifications

External design by world-renowned Marc Newson
Like the "PENTAX K-01", the lens appearance features an original design by Marc Newson. This provides an even more stylish design when combined with the camera body.
Super thin regular-use lens with easy operability
This is a standard single focal point lens that has a focal length equivalent to 61mm in the 35mm film format. Based on the optical design of the "smc PENTAX-DA 40mm F2.8 Limited" with its proven track record, this lens is super-thin with a total length of only 9.2mm. This size enables high mobility not only when shooting but also when storing and carrying around. Because the open F value is bright at F2.8, it is suitable for shooting of a wide variety of situations, from snapshots, landscapes, and portraits to indoors with dim lighting.
Impressive delineation performance
The design is based on numerical evaluation by various testing instruments and also incorporates advanced evaluation using actual images. The result is a certain "lens flavor" for achieving impressive delineation performance. Also, a round iris diaphragm is used for enabling a more natural and attractive out-of-focus (bokeh) effect.
SP (super protect) coating for protecting from water and dirt
A SP (super protect) coating made by depositing a special fluorine substance on the lens front surface is used for repelling water and oils and also enabling the easy removal of fingerprints, cosmetics, and other oils adhering to the lens.
Type Normal
Focal length (Equivalent to 35mm format) 40mm (61mm)
Maximum aperture F2.8
Minimum aperture F22
Angle of View 39°
Lens construction 5 elements / 4 groups
No. of diaphragm blades 9
Closest focusing distance 0.4m
Maximum reproduction ratio 0.13x
Filter size 49mm
Diameter x length 63 x 15 mm
Weight 90g

Compatible converters (Click here for details)

A1.4X-S A2X-S

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