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smc PENTAX-DA 35mmF2.4AL

  • Single Focus
  • DA

This is a standard lens that enables shooting with a natural sense.

This is a standard lens that enables shooting with a natural sense of perspective for supporting snapshots and a wide variety of subjects and also enabling unique imaging that is only possible with fixed focal point lenses, namely, large blurring of the background and sharp resolution to the edges of the image. This lens also provides superior cost performance and is ideal as the first lens for digital SLR camera beginners to easily learn the basics of lenswork.

Digital SLRs only Body AF SP Coating Aspherical Lens (AL)


Hood : Square-plastic PH-SA / Round-rubber RH-RC49, Case : S70-70 Optional
JAN-Code / 4961333 114627

Order color

Order color lens were discontinued on Dec. 24th, 2017.

Features / Specifications

Easy-to-use standard lens
When this lens is attached to a PENTAX digital SLR camera, this enables a focal length equivalent to 53.5mm in the 35mm film format. This is a standard lens for enabling shooting at an angle of view near the natural human visual field and is ideal as a regular-use lens for shooting snapshots, landscapes, portraits, and a variety of other subjects.
High delineation performance
This lens uses hybrid aspherical lenses for correcting various types of aberration and providing a sharp image quality with high contrast from the minimum to maximum distances and delineation performance up to the edges with an open aperture. Also, this lens uses a ghostless coating for minimizing flare and ghosting that can effect imaging performance for enabling the shooting of clear, high-contrast images even under backlighting and other adverse conditions.
Open F value for high brightness
The lens provides a bright open F value of 2.4. This enables easy visibility with the viewfinder and shooting at high shutter speeds even in dim locations for reducing the adverse effects of hand shaking.
Compact, lightweight design
Weighing about 124g and having a total length of only 45mm, the compact, lightweight design of this lens makes it easy to carry around and allows you to enjoy shooting with quick footwork.
Design developed specifically for digital SLR cameras and optimized for digital image characteristics
Enables minimum shooting distance of 0.3m
SP (super protect) coating on the front lens for repelling water and dirt
Type Normal
Focal length (Equivalent to 35mm format) 35mm(53.5mm)
Maximum aperture F2.4
Minimum aperture F22
Angle of View 44°
Lens construction 6 elements / 5 groups
No. of diaphragm blades 6
Closest focusing distance 0.3m
Maximum reproduction ratio 0.17x
Filter size 49mm
Diameter x length 63 x 45 mm
Weight 124g

Compatible converters (Click here for details)


*When mounted, this converter closes down the lens’s maximum aperture by one stop.

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