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  • External mini viewfinder

    Mounted on hot shoe. Includes 28mm equivalent frame in the 35mm format incorporating 1:1 aspect ratio marks. Includes case.

  • External viewfinder

    Mounted on hot shoe. Includes 21mm and 28mm equivalent frames in the 35mm format. Includes case.

  • External TTL flash

    This external flash can do TTL flash using pre-flash. When the wide-angle diffuser panel is used, a coverage angle equivalent to 18mm is possible. Uses four AA batteries.

  • Wide-angle conversion lens

    0.75x wide conversion lens. Takes 21mm equivalent in the 35mm format Hood and Adapter are also required to use this lens. Includes case.

  • Soft Case

    A compact leather camera case with a belt loop attached. The camera cannot be put in the case when an external viewfinder is mounted.

  • Jacket

    This case can be left attached to the bottom of the camera and still allows shooting. There are loops for a strap, making this a case compatible with high-speed shooting. (Strap sold separately)

  • Rechargeable Battery

    A lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

  • Hood and adapter

    Set includes a hood to prevent sunlight from hitting the lens and an adapter for use when attaching diameter 49mm general-purpose filters, etc.

  • Cable switch

    This is a cable switch to operate the camera shutter. This switch can do both half-press and one-push.

  • Neck strap

    Genuine leather, Two-point neck strap with GR logo.

  • Neck strap

    Two-point neck strap. Identical to GS-3 but incorporating an embroidered RICOH logo.

  • Hand strap

    Genuine leather, with GR logo.

  • AC adapter

    Used to supply power to camera from a household electrical outlet. Please use in situations such as when transferring images to a PC, when doing playback for a long period, etc.

  • Battery charger

    A charger exclusively for the DB-60/DB-65 rechargeable battery.

  • HDMI Cable

    Use to connect to an HDMI-enabled TV.

  • AV Cable

    Used to connect your camera to a television.

* Hood and adapter (GH-3) are required to use a filter (49mm dia.). For details on filters, inquire with each manufacturer.
* When using an external viewfinder along with a conversion lens or hood, vignetting becomes stronger.
* When using a conversion lens or hood, the camera’s built-in flash cannot be used.
* A hood and adapter are required to use a wide-angle conversion lens.
* External TTL flashes (GF-1) will not fire when using [Interval Composite] and [Interval Shooting].
* GR Digital hood and adapter (GH-1/GH-2), wide-angle conversion lens (GW-1/GW-2), teleconversion lens (GT-1), cable switch (CA-1), and soft case (GC-3/GC-4) cannot be used.

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