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Digital SLR Cameras: K10D

<General function and specification>
<Shake Reduction>
<Usable lenses>
<Battery and power sources>
<Storage Medium>
<Capture and playback>
<Connecting with PC and software>

<General function and specification>
What is the magnification and the filed of view of the Viewfinder?
Magnification: 0.95x (with 50mmf/1.4 lens at infinity) Field of view: Approximately 95%
How long is the finder eye relief?
Approximately 21mm
What is the size and resolution of the LCD monitor?
2.5 inch [TFT color LCD] with backlight and 210,000 pixel resolution
Can the brightness of LCD monitor be adjusted?
What is the filed of view of the LCD monitor?
Approximately 100%
Can take the picture while looking LCD monitor?
No. The reason is mechanism of Single Lens Reflex Camera.
For take the picture while looking LCD monitor, the CCD needs to catch the right all the time for taking the picture while looking LCD monitor such as compact digital camera.
On the other hand, Single Lens Reflex Camera has mirror at the front of CCD for conducting light through the viewfinder. The CCD catches the light only shutter is opening.
What is included in the K10D kit?
The K10D kit includes the following:
K10D camera, Hot shoe cover Fk, Eyecup FP, ME finder cap, Body mount cover, USB cable (I-USB17), AV cable (I-VC28), Software CD-ROM (S-SW55),Strap (0-ST53), Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (D-LI50), Battery charger stand(D-BC50), AC plug cord(D-AC2J), K10D Product Manual PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3/ Laboratory 3, Operating Manual, Warranty.
Are there any necessary accessories other than what is included in the kit?
Yes, Secure Digital (SD memory)/SDHC card
Is there an exclusive camera case to the K10D?
Yes, 0-CC55 is available as optional.
Can the voice be recorded?
Is there an interchangeable focusing screen available?
Yes, Optional AF Scale matte and AF Divided matte is available.
Is there any measure to protect the Dust on CCD?
SP coating on the low pass filter is effective to prevent dust from sticking to the CCD and furthermore, Dust Removal function will shake dusts off.
Is K10D deigned as weather/dust resistant camera?
Treatment for weather/dustproof is made on each dial button and body. So you can use it in the light rain or dust.
What is the recording format?
You can choose either from JPEG, which has high versatility or RAW, which you can arrange after shooting. Also you can shoot both RAW and JPEG together. It is possible to do basic development of RAW in the camera
What is "In-camera RAW development"?
You can change RAW image into JPEG in the camera and save it as JPEG. It is possible to modify image quality, sensitivity etc. So you can print the image by connecting to printer directly if you develop RAW to JPEG in the camera.

image image image
Is AF assist light available?
Yes, the built-in flash will discharge automatically several times, except when the camera is set at AF-C mode.
The image tone can be selected Bright or Natural. What is the difference of each?
Bright: Bright Images are finished brightly, with high contrast and sharp.
Natural: Natural Images are finished naturally and suitable for retouching
Can I view images on a TV?
Yes. By using the AV cable (I-AVC28), you can capture and play back images on a TV that has a Video-In port.

Note: Make sure that both the TV and the camera are turned off before connecting the cable.

Shake Reduction
What is the difference between K100D's SR?
By equipping stronger magnet and coil, it has improved maximum compensation effect and reliability of this function.
How much compensation (in shutter speed steps) can I expect?
It is 2,5 to 4 shutter speed step effect.

*The effect is not equal depending on the focal length, distance to the subject, shooting circumstance, and individual technique.

It is generally said that the slowest shutter speed to avoid hand blur is 1/focal length. In the case of APS-C size sensor (such as K10D), please consider the focal length as 1,5 times longer (That is, the focal length in 35mm format)
If you take an example of 100mm lens, it is equivalent to 150mm lens in 35mm format. The slowest shutter speed in general is 1/150 sec. So you may expect the effect of shake reduction at 2,5 to 4 steps slower shutter speed than 1/150.

image*If you use DA•D FA•FA•FA J•F lens, the focal length information is automatically acquired by the camera.
If you use lenses other than the above, please set the focal length in the menu of shake reduction.

image image

*When using a lens without the A position on the aperture or with the aperture set to a position other than the A position, set [Using aperture ring] on the [A Custom Setting] menu to [Permitted].

Which focal length should I set when using MF zoom lens?
Please set the closest focal length you will actually shoot.
Are there any lenses which SR is not effective?
No, you can expect the SR effect with all the PENTAX lens attachable.
Can non-PENTAX interchangeable lens be used?
Not recommended. When assume no responsibility or liability for damage resulting from the use of lenses made by other manufactures.
Does SR work with the non-PENTAX interchangeable lens?
The function will react, but the effect is out of our guarantee.
Do we recommend SR is always ON?
Yes, we recommend ON when you shoot with holding the camera by hand.
Why is there SR switch?
To make it switch arbitrarily according to the shooting condition.
Does battery life change depending on the SR switch ON or OFF?
No it does not.
Can the SR function works when setting on Bulb mode?
No, The Shake Reduction function automatically turns off in the following situations. When using self-timer, 2 sec. self-timer, remote control shooting, 3 sec. delay shooting, Bulb shooting, or wireless mode with an external flash
Does SR work at slow synchronization of flash?
Yes it does.
Can the effect of the SR be confirmed in the finder?
Can the effect of the shake reduction be confirmed before takes a picture like Optio A10/A20?
No, because K10D's Shake Reduction works only the moment shutter is released.

<Usable lenses>
Can all PENTAX 35mm interchangeable lenses be used?
Basically, usable lenses that without limit for exposures are DA lenses and FAJ lenses, lenses that have an aperture A (Auto) position.
When changing custom function to use non- A position lens, Medium format lens and screw mount lens with using mount adapter can be use but there is limit for usable function as follows.
Function / Lens [Mount type] DA/D FA/FA J/FA lens [KAF, KAF2] *3 F lens [KAF] *3 A lens [KA]
Autofocus (Lens only)
(With AF adapter 1.7x)*1
Yes *5
Manual Focus
(With the focus indicator)*2
(With matte field)



Switching focus area(Wide/Spot) Yes Yes No *5
Power zoom Yes *6 - -
Aperture priority auto exposure Yes Yes Yes
Shutter priority auto exposure Yes Yes Yes
Manual exposure Yes Yes Yes
P-TTL auto flash *4 Yes Yes Yes
Multi (16-segment metering) Yes Yes Yes
Automatic detection of focal length for Shake reduction Yes Yes No
Yes : Functions are available when the aperture ring is set to the A position.
No : Functions are unavailable.

*1 Lenses with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 or brighter. Only available at A position.
*2 Lenses with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 or brighter.
*3 To use an F/FA soft 85 mm f/2.8 lens or FA soft 28 mm f/2.8 lens, set [Using aperture ring] to [Permitted] in the [C Custom Setting] menu (p.102). Pictures can be taken with the aperture you set, but only within manual aperture range.
*4 When using the built-in flash and AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ.
*5 Focusing Area is set to Spot.
*6 Only available with KAF2 mount FA lenses.

Can K mount lens be used with K10D?
No, when the lens has no A position, camera does not operate unless [Permitted] is selected in the custom menu
When [Using aperture ring] is set to [Permitted] in [A Custom Setting] menu, the shutter can be released even if the aperture ring of the D FA, FA, F or A lens is not set to the s position or a lens without A position is attached. However, the features will be restricted as shown in the table below
What happen when aperture ring is set at other than (Auto) position?

The camera works as AV (Aperture Priority) mode even if the mode dial is at P , Sv, Tv or TAv when the aperture is set to a value other than A.

Lens used Exposure mode Restriction
D FA, FA, F, A, M(lens only or with auto diaphragm accessories such as auto extension tube K) Av (Aperture Priority) mode
The aperture remains open regardless of the aperture ring position. The shutter speed changes in relation to the open aperture but an exposure error may occur. In the viewfinder, [F--] appears for the aperture indicator.
D FA, FA, F, A, M, S(with diaphragm accessories such as extension tube K) Av (Aperture Priority) mode
Pictures can be taken with the specified apperture value but an exposure error may occur. In the viewfinder, [F--] appears for the aperture indicator.
Manual diaphragm lens such as reflex lens (lens only) Av (Aperture Priority) mode
FA, F Soft 85mm FA Soft 28mm (lens only) Av (Aperture Priority) mode
Pictures can be taken with the specified aperture value in the manual aperture range. In the viewfinder, [F--] appears for the aperture indicator. When depth of field is checked (Optical Preview), AE Metering is switched on. Exposure check is possible.
All lenses M (Manual) mode
Pictures can be taken with the set aperture value and shutter speed. In the viewfinder, [F--] appears for the aperture indicator. When depth of field is checked (Optical Preview), AE Metering is switched on. Exposure check is possible.
Can PENTAX 645 lenses, 67 lenses and S (Screw mount) type of lens be used with K10D?

PENTAX 645, 67-system lenses and S (Screw mount) type of lenses can be used with an adapter, some function may not be available with certain lenses.

When using the lens for medium format, how does the angle of view change?
It will be the same angle of view as the image taken with the lens having 1,5x longer focal length in 35mm format.

<Battery and power sources>
What type of batteries does the K10D use?
The K10D can use lithium-ion battery. The charging time is approximately 180 minutes.
Can the battery grip D-BG1 (for istD) be used with K10D?
No, Optional battery grip for vertical holding with shutter release button is available. D-BG2).
If battery is loaded both in camera and battery grip, the electricity is supplied form the one with larger capacity. You can use the camera if you set the battery either in camera or battery grip.
image image image
Is an optional AC adapter available?
Yes. The AC adaptor kit (K-AC50) is available as an optional accessory. We do not recommend the use of 3rd party AC adapters.

<Storage Medium>
What kind of memory does the K10D use for storage?
The K10D use Secure Digital (SD memory) or SDHC cards
Which SD memory cards can be used?
You should be able to use any SD card in your camera. While Pentax does not guarantee compatibility with any particular manufacturer or model, we have seen consistent compatibility with SD cards from Panasonic (64 / 128 / 256 / 512MB / 1GB / 2GB), San Disk (64 / 128 / 256 / 512MB / 1GB / 2GB), and Toshiba (64 / 128 / 256 / 512MB/1GB / 2GB)

• Checked the SD card to 20 MB per second of transmission speed
• As of 2006 September
• The above information is given for the convenience of customers and it does not guarantee the complete compatibility with K10D.
Can the MMC (Multi-media card) be used with K10D?
Does the performance of the SD memory card influence a shooting interval?
When using an SD memory card with a slow recording speed it may influence for the number of continuous shooting.
How many photos can be stored on a memory card?
The following table shows the approximate number of recordable images when using memory cards of various sizes, at different combination of recorded pixels and quality levels.

Size Quality Recordable images
4GB 2GB 1GB 512MB 256MB 128MB
RAW 237 120 59 29 15 7
804 409 202 101 50 26
1371 698 345 172 87 44
2366 1205 592 296 149 76
1340 682 337 168 85 43
2277 1159 575 287 145 74
3897 1982 990 495 249 128
3657 1862 915 457 230 118
6034 3037 1549 774 390 200
10057 5121 2627 1313 662 339
Compression ratio: (Best)=1/3, (Better)=1/6, (Good)=1/12

* If the number of photos go over 500, the photos are stored in different folder per 500 photos. However during the auto-bracketing or continuous shooting, the photos are stored in the same folder.

Are there any notes about SD memory card?
1. SD memory card should be format with K10D when use first time or the SD card used with other devices. * The data such as images and voice will be deleted after formatted the SD card
2. Do not remove SD card or turn off the power while recording the images or connecting the camera with computer via USB cable
3. We recommend back-up the data regularly

<Capture and playback>
What is the SV mode?
It is a kind of a program AE mode where you can change sensitivity by dial. While you are in the SV mode, ISO value is always indicated in the LCD panel and finder.
The ISO value is adjustable by 1/2 EV or 1/3 EV.
What is the TAv mode?
Under the circumstances where you do not want to change shutter speed and aperture value, the camera makes appropriate exposure automatically by adjusting sensitivity. It is convenient where the light condition changes continuously.
What is the "USER: position?
You can store the current camera setting and easily retrieve them simply by setting the mode dial to USER.
image image
What is RAW button
If you press RAW button, the image is captured as RAW and JPEG together regardless of the setting,

*You can select whether to continue this effect or cancel it after one shot.
image image
What is extended bracket?
imageYou can save pictures with three different white balance, saturation, sharpness and contras levels. Unlike exposure bracketing, three pictures are saved with each shot. You can set the saving order with [Auto Bracketing Order] in the [C Custom setting] menu.
Can the remote control be used?
The optional IR remote control F is available as option.
Can the Multi Exposure Shooting be used?
image image
Yes. You can select the number of shots from 2 to 9 shots.
Can the Guide display be turned off?
Yes, you can turn the Guide Display On and Off at [Guide display] in the [Set-up] Menu
Can Polarizing filter be used?
The Circular type Polarizing Filter (C-PL/ Circular PL) must be used. The normal Polarizing Filter will effect exposure and AF therefore, it can not be used for K10D.
What is the Hot Spot Warning?
If the [Hot Spot Warning] is selected on the instant Review and playback screens, bright areas in the image blink.
Can the White balance be adjusted manually?
image image
Yes, you can adjust the white balance depending on the light source when you select the Manual White Balance in the Fn menu.
How can we set ISO sensitivity?
imageYou can set ISO sensitivity depending on the light condition. Press Fn button and choose sensitivity. You can set ISO sensitivity from AUTO and between ISO100 to ISO1600. Default is AUTO.
What is the Guide number of the built- in flash?
GNO.11 (ISO100/m)
What focal length the Built-in flash cover?
Angle of coverage: 18mm lens angle of view (equivalent 28mm in 35mm format)
Can the amount of the flash be compensated?
Yes, the amount of the flash can be compensated in a range of -2.0 up to +1.0 when select [Flash Exp Comp] in the Recording Menu.
Can the built-in flash be used with any type of lens?
The PENTAX DA,D FA, FA J, FA and F lens compatibility with the built-in Flash., the built-in flash fully discharges when used the lens that have no aperture A position., also vignetting may occur depending on the lens being used and the capture condition. We recommend taking a test shot to confirm this.
Can the external flash be used?
Yes. P-TTL auto flash function available with PENTAX AF360FGZ, refer to the following table
Flash Built-in Flash AF540FGZ
Red-eye reduction flash O O O x
Automatic flash discharge O O O O
After the flash is charged, the camera automatically switches to the flash sync speed O O O O
Aperture is automatically set in P(Program) mode and Tv (Shutter priority) mode O O O O
Auto check in the viewfinder x x x x
P-TTL auto flash (appropriate sensitivity: 100 to 1600) O *1 O *1 x x
TTL auto flash x x x x
Slow-speed sync O O x x
Flash Exposure Compensation O O O O *5
Rear curtain sync flash *2 O O x x
Contrast-control-sync flash mode *2 x O x x
Slave flash x O O *3 x
Multiple flash x O O *3 x
High-speed flash sync x O x x
Wireless flash *4 x O x x
*1 When using DA,D FA,FA J,FA,F or A lens.
*2 Shutter speed of 1/90 sec. or slower
*3 AF330FTZ is NG
*4 Two or more AF360FGZ (or AF540FGZ) units are required
*5 AF140C does not have AF assist light function.
Is the synch terminal for professional flash attached on K10D?
Can the flash be used in wireless?

Yes. Shooting using the flash without connecting the camera and flash with a cord by using two AF360FGZ (AF540FGZ) units.

Does flash pre-fires before taking pictures?
Yes, flash pre-fires one time when use built-in flash or 360FGZ with P-TTL mode

<Connecting with PC and software>
What is the communicate interface with PC?
What type of computer do I need with K10D?
Please note the following system requirements:

[For windows]
*USB Connection
The computer should be equipped with built-in USB ports and a pre-installed version of Windows 2000/XP Home Edition / Professional

*Application soft < PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3.10 and PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 3.10>
OS Windows 2000 / XP Home Edition / Professional
CPU: Pentium 4 or later recommended, Memory: 512MB or more
Monitor: 1024 x 768 with 24bit full colour
HDD free space: 250MB or more

[For Macintosh]
*USB Connection
The computer should be equipped with built-in USB ports and a pre-installed version of Mac OS X (Ver. 10.2 or later)

*Application soft < PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3.10 and PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 3.10>
OS Mac 10.2 or later
CPU: PowerPC later than G4, Memory: 512MB or more
Monitor: 1024 x 768 with 24bit full color
HDD free space: 250MB or more
Can the provided application software be used with istD, DS and DL?
Yes, the provided application software such as PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3.10 and PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 3.10 can use with istD,DS and DL.
What is the difference between PENTAX PHOTO Browser2.1, PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory?
PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3.1
  • Improved browsing function (Protect ON/OFF switch by one click)
  • Improved slide show function
  • Addition of panel to display checked image only
  • Easy image vacuuming function.
  • Full-size JPEG extract from RAW
  • The conversion to DNG format
  • Cropping while displaying main image.

  • Noise reduction (Random noise reduction/Fake color signal control)
  • Lens aberration compensation Compensation of peripheral brightness Distortion compensation Compensation of chromatic aberration of magnification
  • Image rotation fine-tuning
  • Display of too dark/bright are of RGB
  • Cropping
  • Printing (from PHOTO Laboratory)
Is PENTAX REMOTE Assistant for *ist D available with K10D?
No, it is not compatible. Please do not try to use it with K10D because it could cause problems with the camera.

Can Refconverter A or M be used?
How to operate the digital preview?
In [C Custom Setting], go to Preview Method and select Digital Preview.
Focus on the subject, then compose the picture in the viewfinder and move the main switch to .
The icon appears in the LCD monitor during preview and you can check the composition, exposure and focus. Press the shutter release button halfway to end Digital Preview and start focusing. The image displayed in Digital Preview is not saved. The maximum display time for Digital Preview is 60 seconds. You can display the Bright/Dark area warning or histogram in Digital Preview. Set in the [Playback] menu.
You can enlarge the previewed image to check the focus more accurately.
Does the K10D support "PIM III" (PRINT Image Matching III) and "Exif Print" (Exif 2.2)?
The JPEG image which was took by K10D will be supported but RAW data will not be supported.
Does K10D support PictBridge?
The built-in flash emits light continuously. Is it malfunction?
If you keep the flash up in the AF-S mode and the object is dark, the built-in flash automatically emits light for multiple times to make auto focus easier. This does not work in Sports Mode or Flash-off Mode in Picture Mode.
The image can not be recorded
* Message [Memory full] display -- The SD Memory Card is full and no more images can be saved. Insert a new SD Memory Card or delete unwanted images.Change the quality/size and try again.
* Message [Memory card error] display -- Shooting and playback are impossible due to a problem with the SD Memory Card. You may be able to play back an image or sound on a PC.
* Massage [Card not formatted] display -- The SD Memory Card you have inserted is unformatted or has been formatted on a PC or other device and is not compatible with this camera.
* Message [Card locked] displayed -- The SD Memory Card is write-protected. Only menu operation and mode change are possible.
Why the image can not print when connect the camera to the printer which is support PictBridge via USB cable?
Please select the USB connection mode to [PictBridge] in the Menu
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