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Troubleshooting / Failure diagnosis


  • A button/switch will not work.


Please check the following one by one.

  1. 1.Check the battery.
    1. 1.Battery power may be low. Recharge the battery completely, or replace a new battery.
      The kind of batteries available varies depending on the model. Please consult your Camera User Guide for the details.
    2. 2.The battery may be loaded in wrong direction. Check to load correctly.
    3. 3.A nickel-hydrogen battery user: generally a nickel-hydrogen battery has a self-discharge characteristics. Since the battery power may be lost as time goes on, recharge it completely before usage.
  2. 2.If the flash button will not work, review the following. The flash does not work in the cases below.
    1. 1.The movie mode may be chosen.
    2. 2.The multi-shot or the auto bracket may activate.
    3. 3.The landscape mode in the Scene modes may be chosen. (only for the models that have the Scene modes.)
  3. 3.If the shutter release button will not work, review the following.
    1. 1.If it is out of the space in a memory card, the 'Insufficient memory' message will appears and an alarm sounds, and the shutter release button does not work. In this case, try again after deleting some pictures.
    2. 2.You may accidentally press another button at the same time, not only the shutter release button. In such a case, a focus flame in the LCD may remain in white, even if you try to half-press the shutter release to focus on the subject.

For the details on the camera operations, please consult your Camera User Guide.


If the above steps will not help, there may be something wrong with your camera. Please check the documentation that came with your camera for a service contact. Or find a local contact from the following site.

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Date created: September 19, 2007
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Category: Troubleshooting

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