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Troubleshooting / Failure diagnosis


  • I cannot load a memory card. / 'Insert a card' message appears even though I load a camera with a memory card.


Try the following one by one.

  • The card may be facing the wrong way. Load correctly.
  • Format the card in a camera.
  • Try another card if you have one.

For the details on the procedure of loading a memory card, or of formatting a memory card, please consult your Camera User Guide.


If the above steps will not help, there may be something wrong with your camera. Please check the documentation that came with your camera for a service contact. Or find a local contact from the following site.

Answer ID: EDCR06022
Date created: September 19, 2007
Date modified: --
Product: All models
Operating system: --
Category: Troubleshooting

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