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GXR FAQs - By Product

[Question] Does the GXR have an optical viewfinder ?

No, there is no optical viewfinder in the GXR camera body.

But the optional viewfinder (VF-2) is available.
Below is the simulated image of the GXR body attached with the VF-2 (LCD viewfinder).

GXR with VF-2

VF-2 : LCD viewfinder

This is the electronic viewfinder especially for the GXR, with 920,000 dots equivalent, the field of view is 100%. It attaches to the hot shoe that is located above the lens.

Note [Shooting information display]
The shooting information, such as exposure value and shutter speed, will be display in the above viewfinder.
Answer ID: gxr00051
Date created: September 22, 2010
Date modified: --
Product: GXR (GR LENS A12 28mm F2.5)
Operating system: --
Category: Hardware specifications, Accessories
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