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GR DIGITAL IV : What type of memory card can be used with the GR DIGITAL IV ?

You can use the SD/SDHC memory cards that comply with the SD/SDHC format standards. But we will not guarantee to work with all brands / model numbers available in the market.
The maximum capacity that the camera supports is as follows.

SD memory card

Up to 2 GB SD card is supported.

SDHC memory card

Up to 32 GB SDHC card is supported.

Eye-Fi card

Eye-Fi X2 series cards (SD memory card with built-in wireless LAN function) can be used.
Eye-Fi website

Internal memory

The GR DIGITAL IV has approx. 40 MB internal memory that you can use.


  • The available recording time at once will depend on the remaining battery level.

SDXC cards *1  are not supported.

*1 [SDXC memory cards]

The Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) is the extended format of SD standards. The maximum capacity for the SDXC is up to 2 TB (terabyte).

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