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GR DIGITAL IV : Is RAW mode available ?

Yes, the RAW file is recorded as a [*.dng].
In RAW mode, a JPEG image is also recorded at the same time.

Note [Note for the RAW mode photography]

  • The following features are not available in the RAW mode (The features will not work in both a DNG file, and a JPEG file).
    • Resize the captured image
    • Digital zoom
    • White balance bracket
    • Color bracket
    • Dynamic Range
    • S-Cont. and M-Cont. (but the normal Continuous is available in the RAW mode)
  • In the Continuous mode, the number of RAW images that can be taken in a single burst varies with the option selected for [Noise Reduction]; Up to 5 pictures with [Off] for Noise Reduction. Up to 4 pictures with [Weak], [Strong], or [MAX] for Noise Reduction.
  • [RAW/JPEG Setting] option in the Setup menu can be changed the picture quality size for JPEG copies that are recorded with DNG files. Selectable options are; [Fine], [Normal], [VGA], and [RAW only]. If [RAW only] is selected, a JPEG copy is not recorded.
  • It is the JPEG file that is displayed when you playback the image which was captured in the RAW mode, of which is recorded with a DNG file at the same time. If [RAW only] is selected for [RAW/JPEG Setting], a JPEG file saved in a DNG file is displayed in the camera.
  • The following features will be applied only to a JPEG file that is recorded with a DNG file at the same time in the RAW mode. But they will not be applied to the DNG file.
    • Image Settings
    • Date imprint
    • Skew correction
    • Noise reduction
    • DPOF
    • Direct printing
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Date created: September 16, 2011
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Category: Hardware specifications

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