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GR DIGITAL IV : About the Multiple Exposure Shooting.

This function superimposes a single multiply-exposed picture while taking multiple images. Up to 5 images can be superimposed.
Several options for the multiple exposure shooting can be set in advance. [Retake shot] option is available while each image capturing.

Multiple Exposure Shooting example
Multiple Exposure Shooting example

Operation procedures

  • 1 Go to the Shooting menu > Multiple Exposure Shooting.

    Multiple Exposure

  • 2 The options below are available; [Automatic Exposure], [Save Each Image], and [Saving Image]. Choose from [On] or [Off] with Up down buttons, and press the MENU/OK button. The camera will be ready to shoot and [Multiple Exposure Shooting] text will be displayed in the screen.

    options for Multiple Exposure

  • [Multiple Exposure Shooting options]
    Automatic Exposure [On] : Automatically adjusts the amount of exposure according to the number of pictures to superimpose.
    [Off] : No adjustment for the amount of exposure.
    Save Each Image [On] : Saves the original pictures separately.
    [Off] : The original pictures will not saved but only the last superimposed image is saved.
    Saving Image [On] : Each superimposed image is saved.
    [Off] : Only the last superimposed image is saved.
  • 3 Press the shutter release button to take the first picture. The captured image will be played back in the screen, and you will be asked for the next step.

    Next step

  • 3-1 [Next shot] : Press the MENU/OK button to take a next picture.
  • 3-2 [Retake shot] : Press the MENU/OK button to cancel the current shot.
  • 3-3 [Complete] : Press the MENU/OK button to finish.
  • 4 A superimposed picture will be saved.


  • The Multiple Exposure Shooting is unavailable in the SCENE mode or in continuous mode.
  • The following functions are unavaible in the Multiple Exposure Shooting.
    • Digital zoom
    • Auto Bracket
    • Interval shooting
  • Image settings cannot be adjusted while shooting.


[Multi Exposure] can be selected for the [Fn Button Pair Setting]. If the Multi Exposure shooting is assigned to Fn1/Fn2 button, pressing the Fn1/Fn2 button will start the Multiple Exposure shooting.
About [Fn Button Pair Setting].
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Date created: November 14, 2011
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