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GR DIGITAL IV : About the [Dynamic Range Compensation] function.

With this function, the camera captures a wide range of tones from dark to bright.

The [Dynamic Range Compensation] is located in the Shooting menu as follows.
Dynamic Range Correction

The DR synbol below will appear when this option is enabled.

Limitations on the Dynamic Range Compensation

  • Available ISO settings are limited as follows.
Dynamic Range Compensation option Setup menu > ISO Step Setting option - [1/3 EV]
(min. ~ max.)
Setup menu > ISO Step Setting option - [1 EV]
(min. ~ max.)
Weak ISO 125 ~ ISO 2000 ISO 200 ~ ISO 1600
Medium ISO 160 ~ ISO 1600 ISO 200 ~ ISO 1600
Strong ISO 200 ~ ISO 1250 ISO 200 ~ ISO 800
  • If [Strong] is selected, more noise are likely to occur in images.
  • If digital zoom is used, Dynamic Range Compensation has no effect.
  • Dynamic Range Compensation is not available for [Multiple Exposure Shooting].
  • The desired effect may not be achieved if the scene is too bright or too dark.


  • Setting [Multi] for [Exposure Metering] is recommended when using the Dynamic Range Compensation function.
  • Dynamic Range Compensation can be applied to RAW images.
  • Dynamic Range Compensation can be assigned to the ADJ. Lever in [ADJ Lever Setting 1] ~ [ADJ Lever Setting 5], or [Fn Button Pair Setting] as [Dyn Range Comp.].

Note Related FAQ:
[Dynamic Range] in the SCENE mode takes two shots at different exposures, then combines the ares that are correctly exposued.
About the Dynamic Range mode (SCENE mode).
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Date created: September 16, 2011
Date modified: October 14, 2011
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Category: Hardware specifications, Hardware operations

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