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GR DIGITAL IV : Details on the Setup menu operations.

In order to configure respective camera setting options, go to the Setup menu. The Setup menu is available from the Shooting menu or the Playback menu.

Setup menu operations

  • 1 Press the [MENU/OK] button in a Shooting mode or the Playback mode.

    MENU/OK button

  • 2 The [Shooting] menu or [Playback] menu appears.
  • 3-1 Press the Fn button (left), and Down button to choose the Setup tab.

    Setup tab

  • 3-2 With the SCENE mode, press the Fn button (left) and choose the [MODE] tab. Then press Down once to display the Shooting menu tab, twice to display the Key Custom Options tab, and three times to display the Setup menu tab.
  • 4 Press Right to enter specific options. Press Down or Up to choose an option. Pressing Down in the last item in the current screen will show the next setting screen.
  • 5 If the selected option has sub menu, press Right button to show the sub menu.
  • 6 Choose the option with Up down buttons, and press the MENU/OK button to confirm the setting (or press the Fn1 button and then press the MENU/OK button).
  • 7 The setting will be confirmed and return to the shooting or playback screen.
    Or some setting menu will return to the Setup menu. In this case, press the MENU/OK button once again, then it will return to the shooting screen or the playback screen.
  • * The method of selecting the settings may vary depending on the function.

Items in the Setup menu

Setup menu items Options [Default]
Format [Card] -
Format [Internal Memory] -
LCD Brightness [Auto], Manual
ISO Step Setting [1EV], 1/3EV
ISO Auto-High Settings Maximum ISO : AUTO 200, [AUTO 400], AUTO 800, AUTO 1600, AUTO 3200
Change Shuttere Speed : [Auto], 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250
AF Auxiliary Light [On], Off
Operation Sounds [All], Level Sound, Shutter Sounds
Volume Settings (Off), (Small), [ ] (Medium), (Large)
LCD Confirmation Time Off, [0.5 seconds], 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, Hold
Auto Power Off Off, 1 minute, [5 minutes], 30 minutes
Sleep Mode [Off], 10 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes
LCD Auto Dim On, [Off]
Optional AF Distance Display On, [Off]
Level Setting Off, [Level + Tilt], Level, Level + Sound, Sound
Level (Tilt) Calibration Restore Default, Calibration
Grid Guide Display Options [ ] (3x3), (4x4 with diagonal lines), (2x2 but no line in the center area)
Shooting Info. Display Frame On, [Off]
Information. Display Mode on, [Off]
One Press Zoom Ratio 5.7x, [9.8x], 16x
Auto Rotate [On], Off
White Saturation Display On, [Off]
Playback Order Options File number, [Sht. Date/Time]
RAW/JPEG Setting [Fine], Normal, VGA, RAW only
Color Space Setting [sRGB], AdobeRGB
Area measured for manual WB Entire frame, [Spot]
Digital Zoom Image [Normal], Auto Resize
Store Menu Cursor Position *1 On, [Off]
Card Sequence No. [On], Off
Date Settings -
Language/ Language (Varies *2)
Video Out Mode *2 NTSC, PAL
USB Connection Type [Mass Storage], PTP
HDMI Output [AUTO], 1080i, 720P, 480P
Confirm Firmware Version -
Eye-Fi Connection Settings *3 [On], Off
Eye-Fi Connection Display *3 -
  • *1 If [On] is selected, the most-recently accessed item will be highlighted when the menus are displayed.
  • *2 The default setting varies with the country or region of purchase.
  • *3 This menu only appears when an Eye-Fi card is set in the camera.
Answer ID: gr04098
Date created: November 14, 2011
Date modified: --
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Category: Hardware operations

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