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GXR FAQs - By Product

[Question] Can I use a filter available in the market ?

Yes, with the following combinations (GXR body, RICOH LENS S10, HA-3), you can use a filter with 43 mm, which is available in the market.
In order to attach a filter, HA-3 (hood & adapter) is required.

usage of filters

[The filters that you can use with] ;
A filter with 43 mm (filter diameter that complies with 43 mm JIS standard)

To use a filter (filter diameter 43 mm), screw a filter into an adapter as follows.

Screw a filter to an adater

You can also attach a hood to the adapter.

For the details on the HA-3 (hood & adapter), see the FAQ below.

About the HA-3 (hood & adapter)

[Note on the usage of a filter]
Some filters may give shadows (vignetting) to pictures. Check this before purchase.
For further information about usage of filters, consult the documentation that came with a filter.

Answer ID: EDXR02057
Date created: April 12, 2010
Date modified: --
Product: GXR (RICOH LENS S10 24-72mm F2.5-4.4 VC)
Operating system: --
Category: Hardware specifications, Accessories
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