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[Question] Details on the VF-2, an electrical external viewfinder.

The VF-2 is the electrical viewfinder specially for GXR, that is used by attaching it to the hot shoe.

VF-2 is used by attaching the hot shoe.

Dimensions H 38.6 x W 28.9 x D 43.9 mm (not including some projecting parts)
weight Approx. 26 g
Image display Reflective CMOS and ferroelectric liquid crystal display
Display resolution: Equivalent to approx. 922,000 dots
Eyepiece lens 3 elements in 3 group (1 aspherical lens)
Viewing angle 23.8 °
(Viewfinder magnifications: 0.231x at wide end with RICOH LENS S10 24-72mm F2.5-4.4 VC)
Coverage (field of view) 100%
Diopter -1±3.5 Dpt (with correction)
Eyepoint Approx. 15.45 mm
(at -1 Dept, from the rear end of eyepiece)
Diameter of pupil ø 5 mm
In the VF-2, the information is displayed the same as those displayed in the LCD screen. The [DISP.] button also works for switching displays.

[Does the optional viewfinder (VF-2) display the shooting information ?]


Mounting Instructions

1. Attaching the LCD viewfinder.
Turn the camera off. Remove the hot shoe cover from the camera and the contact cover from the LCD viewfinder, insert the mounting part of the LCD viewfinder into the camera body until it stops at the hot shoe.

Attaching the LCD viewfinder.

2. Switching the display to the LCD viewfinder.
Press the [VF/LCD] button on the camera body to switch the display into the LCD viewfinder. Press the button again to return the display into the LCD screen in the camera body.
The information displayed on the LCD viewfinder is the same as those displayed in the LCD screen in the camera body.

3. Adjusting the diopter.
Turn the diopter correction dial until the image in the LCD viewfinder looks clear.

Adjusting the diopter.

4. Tilting the LCD viewfinder.
Tilt the top of the LCD viewfinder to the desired angle (approx. 0° ~ 90°).

Tilting the LCD viewfinder.

5. Removing the LCD viewfinder.
Turn the camera off. Slide the LCD viewfinder toward the back of the camera and off the hot shoe.

Removing the LCD viewfinder.

Safety precaution

    • Turn off the camera power for attachment or detachment.
    • Do not apply force more than necessary for attachment or detachment, or the camera may be damaged.
    • Keep the hot shoe cover and contact cover for further usage. After using the LCD viewfinder, replace the hot shoe cover on the camera body, and the contact cover on the LCD viewfinder to protect the contacts.
    • The setting with the LCD/VF button is saved even when the camera is turned off.
    • The maximum tilt angle of the LCD viewfinder is 90°. Do not tilt the LCD viewfinder beyond 90° as this could damage the LCD viewfinder.
    • Do not forcefully turn the diopter correction dial as this could damage it.

Handling Notes

    • The camera body has one hot shoe so that you will not able to use the VF-1 and any external flash at the same time.
    • Be careful not to stain or damage the contact points or the release mechanism parts of the VF-2 or the camera body. Otherwise, it may cause the VF-2 display to not work well.
    • Do not carry the camera by holding the viewfinder only. The camera may drop and cause an injury or malfunction.
    • Check if it is fully attached before use. If it is not attached correctly, the viewfinder may drop.
    • Be sure not to give it a shock, such as dropping it, or hitting it against hard items.
    • In an environment where the temperature changes suddenly, condensation may occur in the product, resulting in troubles such as rust or molds. For lens care, take it out of the bag after the temperature difference from the atmosphere has decreased to a fairly small amount.
    • Avoid high temperature or humidity and store the product in a dry place.

Warning / Caution

    • Do not look at the sun directly through the viewfinder, or you may lose your eyesight.
    • Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this equipment.
    • if the equipment emits visible smoke, an unusual odor, or other signs of malfunction, immediately turn off the camera and remove the battery.
    • Do not allow foreign objects, such as metallic objects or liquids, to enter the equipment. If a foreign object does enter the equipment, immediately turn off the camera.
    • Do not leave the viewfinder or the finder-attached camera under direct sunlight.
Answer ID: EDXR01060
Date created: April 12, 2010
Date modified: February 3, 2012
Product: GXR (GR LENS A12 28mm F2.5), GXR (GR LENS A12 50mm F2.5 MACRO), GXR (RICOH LENS A16 24-85mm F3.5-5.5), GXR (RICOH LENS S10 24-72mm F2.5-4.4 VC), GXR (RICOH LENS P10 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 VC)
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Category: Accessories
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