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[Question] Let me know about specifications on BJ-9, battery charger.

This is the battery charger for DB-90, rechargeable battery.
The battery is not fully charged at purchase. Please charge the battery before use.

BJ-9 specifications

Power supply AC 110 V - 240 V (50/60 Hz) 0.2A
Rated input power 15 VA
Output voltage DC 4.2 V 650mA
Temperature conditions for use 0 - 40 degrees C (32 - 104 degrees F)
Dimensions 80 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm
Mass (weight) approx. 63 g

How to use the battery charger

1. Set the battery in the battery charger with the label side facing up. Align the battery so that [+] [-] symbols on it match up with the [+] [-] symbols on the charger.
  • * Be careful not to reverse the [+] and [-] sides.
  How to use the battery charger

2. Insert the power plug into an electrical outlet.
Charging will start and the battery can be charged as shown in the table below. When charging is finished, remove the power plug from the electrical outlet.

Charger lamp Description
Steady Charging started
Off Charging completed
Blink It could be thought that:
- soiled terminals on the battery charger / battery,
- temperature protection standby,
- or battery charger / battery malfunction.

[Solution] Wipe the soiled terminals on the battery charger / battery using a dry cloth and charge the battery again somewhere with an ambient temperature of 0° ~ 40°C (32° ~ 104°F). (The temperature of the battery should be similar.)
If the recharging lamp continues to blink, unplug the power plug from the electrical outlet and remove the battery from the charger.

Before use, please be sure to read the Battery charger User's guide to use them properly.
An exhausted battery will recharge in about 5 hours at 25°C.

Handling precautions [Handling precautions]
    • Use only the genuine RICOH lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, DB-90, which our company supplies. There is the risk of explosion if the battery is replaced by an incorrect type.
    • Do not use the specialized electrical power cord with other products.
    • Do not subject the appliance to strong shock.
    • Do not use in a place which is extremely hot or cold or a place subject to strong vibrations.
    • Do not use in a place which receives direct sunlight and could reach high temperatures.
    • When you have finished charging the batteries, pull out the plug from the outlet. If you leave the plug in the household electrical outlet, it can cause fire.
    • Do not let the contact parts of the rechargeable batteries touch each other. This can cause a short circuit.
    • The BJ-9 may be operated at ambient temperatures ranging from 0° ~ 40°C (32° ~ 104°F). Please note that charging may take a long time if the unit is used at temperatures below 0°C (32°F).
    • Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.
Answer ID: EDXR01051
Date created: December 21, 2009
Date modified: May 7, 2010
Product: GXR (GR LENS A12 50mm F2.5 MACRO), GXR (RICOH LENS S10 24-72mm F2.5-4.4 VC), GXR (RICOH LENS P10 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 VC)
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Category: Hardware specifications, Accessories

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