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[Question] Firmware update procedure won't work. I get "No File" message only.

Firmware update requires pressing some buttons.

You may not had pressed the necessary buttons properly, then the camera just starts up in the playback mode.

The "No FILE" message is displayed in the playback mode, and this means there is no file to be played back in the memory.

Assuming that you have already copied firmware files to an SD card properly, try again with the following procedures;

  1. The camera should be turned off.
  2. While pushing the ADJ./OK button 'upward', hold down the Playback button for 2-3 seconds.
  3. The firmware update will start up.

NoteConfirm the following steps if you still fails;

  You may had pressed the ADJ./OK button down toward the center of the camera, but it is the wrong direction. You have to push up the ADJ./OK button.
  You may had hold down the Playback button prior to pushing up the ADJ./OK button. You have to push up the ADJ./OK button first, and keep pushing it up, then hold down the Playback button.

Full instructions for a firmware update, go to the download site.

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Answer ID: EDCKB027
Date created: May 26, 2010
Date modified: November 30, 2010
Product: CX4, CX3, CX2
Operating system: --
Category: Hardware operations, Other
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