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CX6 : What is the [Soft Focus] in the Creative Shooting mode ?

This mode takes a picture with soft focus effects similar to those created by soft focus lenses. The amount of softening option is available from [Weak] or [Strong].

Softfocus image
Soft focus example (left), normal image example (right)

The Soft focus option is located in the Creative mode.
Creative mode > Soft focus

For the Creative Shooting mode operations, see the FAQ below.
What is the [Creative Shooting mode] ?

Operating procedures for changing the amount of softening

  • 1When [Soft focus] is selected in the Creative shooting mode, press [MENU] button to display the [Creative mode selection] screen.

    MENU button

  • 2Go to the Shooting tab for [Soft Focus] using ADJ.OK button. (pushing left Left, and then down Down).

    Fn button

  • 3Push the [ADJ./OK] button Right to choose the [Soft Focus Options]. Push the [ADJ./OK] button Right again to show the options.
  •  Strong or Weak

    Choose [Weak] or [Strong] with the ADJ./OK button Up down. Press the [ADJ./OK] button again to save the setting.

  • 4It will return to the shooting screen, then you will be ready to take a picture.

Note Note

  • The soft focus effect will differ slightly between on the confirmation screen that is displayed immediately after shooting and on the final image.
  • [Plus Normal Shooting] option is available. If it is set to [On], the camera will record two images by adding an image taken with normal shooting to an image take with soft focus effect. The option is located; Mode dial Creative Shooting mode > Menu button > Shooting Tab > Plus Normal Shooting.
    Plus Normal Shooting screen
    • In the screen above, choose [On], and press [ADJ./OK] button.
    • It will return to the shooting screen. After taking a picture, the confirmation screen that has both soft focus image and a normal image will be displayed.
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For the limitations on the Soft Focus mode, see the chart in the FAQ below.
Available [Shooting menu] chart in each shooting mode.
Available [Setup menu / Key Custom menu] chart in each shooting mode.

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Date created: December 5, 2011
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Product: CX6
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