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CX6 : What is an MP file?

An MP (Multi-Picture) file is a file format that groups together multiple still images into one file.

With the CX6, it allows you to record pictures that have been continuously shot using M-Cont Plus, Speed Cont, Multi-target AF, and Golf Swing Continuous Mode (SCENE) as one MP file.

You can extract specific frames from an MP file and save it as separate still images (a JPEG file(s)).

Exporting from an MP file into a JPEG file

For exporting MP files, there are three options; select one frame to save it, select multiple frames to save them, or select all frames to save them all.

Answer ID: edc06015
Date created: December 5, 2011
Date modified: --
Product: CX6
Operating system: --
Category: Hardware specifications
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