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Software Download > RDC-i700 firmware upgrading procedures

This manual explains upgrading procedures when you download firmware from our home page. The following procedure involves two operations: firmware copying onto a Compact Flash card and rewriting firmware onto the RDC-i700. Follow the instructions below.

A:Requirements for Firmware Upgrade
To upgrade RDC-i700 firmware, you need to download firmware to a CF card first. Please prepare following items before firmware upgrade.
    • 1. Compact Flash card (at least 16MB)
    • 2. PC card reader, Compact Flash card adapter, and Compact Flash card reader
    • Note: You will need a device to rewrite on the Compact Flash card if you cannot rewrite directly on to the Compact Flash card from your personal computer.
    • 3. Fully charged battery or AC adapter

  • *Do not unplug the AC adapter during operation.
  • *If you lose power off during operation, please repeat the following procedures. Contact our service office if the camera fails to operate when you repeat the procedure.
  • *Do not upgrade the firmware if you already have the latest firmware version.
  • *To confirm firmware version of your RDC-i700, select [OPTION] on the [SETUP] menu to show the version on the right of the LCD monitor.

C:Operating procedure

[Downloading firmware on Compact Flash card]

    • 1. Download firmware from the home page.
    • 2. Extract the downloaded file.
    • [Windows]
      Double click "dc-700-XXX.exe"

      * Download and extract on a hard disk, not on a card reader or removable disk. After formatting the Compact Flash card with the camera, rewrite only the files required after referring to 4 below.
      * Do not move or delete the folder on the card reader.Depending on your browser, the file will be automatically extracted as a folder called dc-700.
    • If you only save the dc-700.sea file, double click to extract.
    • If you only save the dc-700.hqx file, extract with StuffIt Expander or a similar application.

    • 3. Format your Compact Flash card with the RDC-i700.
    • * The FORMAT menu appears if you choose [SETUP] on the [RDC-i700] mode dial.
    • 4. Copy the extracted file on the Compact Flash card.
    • Copy “ SYSTEM.VWO” and “ UPDATE3” from the newly created dc-700 folder to the root folder of Compact Flash card.
    • *Do not copy the dc-700 folder itself.

    • (Route)¥SYSTEM.VWO
    • (Route)¥UPDTE3
  • You are ready to upgrade once you copy the firmware on the Compact Flash card.
    The RDC-i700 firmware rewriting procedures are as follows.

[Firmware upgrading]

    • 1. Use fully charged battery or connect AC adapter to RDC-i700.
    • 2. Insert Compact Flash card in RDC-i700.
    • 3. Switch RDC-i700 mode dial to SETUP.
    • 4. Switch on RDC-i700 while pressing shutter button.
    • 5. Once the LED next to the finder flashes red and green, let go of the shutter button and power switch.
    • 6. The following message appears on the LCD monitor.

      Rewrite Program


      Start: Release

      Cancel: Cancel

    • 7. Press shutter button once (to rewrite).
    • 8. Rewriting starts (finishes in about three minutes).
      The red light stops flashing but the green LED next to the viewfinder continues to flash.
      REWRITING flashes on the LCD monitor.
    • 9. When rewriting ends, [SETUP] menu appears on the LCD monitor.
      * If the green LED continues to flash after three minutes, leave for about five minutes and turn the power off.
    • 10. Turn off the RDC-i700.

  • Turn on switch to see if the camera operates normally.

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