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Software Download > TWAIN DRIVER for Windows 3.1/95e for RDC-1/2/2E/300/300Z

File Name twainnew.exe
File type Self extracting file
Size 1,232KB
Copyright 2008 Ricoh Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Program Name TWAIN Driver for Windows version
Software requirements This program runs under the following operating systems;
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 3.1
File list
Running TWAINNEW.EXE should create following files:
  _inst16.ex_ (270KB)
_isdel.exe (8KB)
_setup.dll (11KB)
_setup.lib (28KB)
data.1 (199KB)
data.2 (711KB)
readme.txt (5KB)
setup.exe (47KB)
setup.ins (4KB)
setup.pkg (1KB)
_isdel.exe (8KB)
disk2.id (1KB)
Remarks If installing the driver on Windows 95, select whether your application is a 32-bit version or a 16-bit version.
If installing the driver on Windows 3.1, the 16-bit version is installed automatically.
Further information Please refer README.TXT for further instruction

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