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Software Download > FlashPath driver for Windows2000 Professional, Windows XP 2/4/8/16/32/64/128MB SmartMedia card compatible

File Name fp360_7e.zip
File type Archive
Size 1.03MB
Copyright 2008 Ricoh Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Program Name FS-B10(FlashPath) driver ver. 3.60.07 for Windows 2000/XP (2/4/8/16/32/64128MB SmartMedia compatible)
System requirements OS : Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP
File list
Expanding fp360_7e.zip should create the following files:
  _inst32i.ex_ (290KB)
_isdel.exe (27KB)
_sys1.cab (180KB)
_sys1.hdr (4KB)
_user1.cab (107KB)
_user1.hdr (5KB)
data.tag (1KB)
data1.cab (313KB)
data1.hdr (11KB)
lang.dat (23KB)
layout.bin (1KB)
os.dat (1KB)
readme.txt (13KB)
setup.bmp (164KB)
setup.exe (72KB)
setup.ini (1KB)
setup.ins (78KB)
setup.lid (1KB)
setup16.bmp (1KB)
Further information This driver makes FS-B10 Windows 2000/XP compatible and accept 128MB SmartMedia cards (Maximum 32MB for FS-A10). Please refer to README.TXT and this page for further instruction.

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