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    RICOH THETA series dedicated monopod. The camera platform and leg are reduced in size to prevent them from appearing in a RICOH THETA’s image, and a quick-release system is adopted for the camera platform. The length when stowed is 53.5 cm, and it can be extended up to 150 cm with a single touch of a button.
    * This product is available at Ricoh Imaging Store, Ricoh Imaging Square, or service centers.

  • Extension Adapter TE-1

    This is an adapter enable to use tripod while connecting to USB and HDMI terminal. When interval shooting requiring power supply, and live streaming connecting PC, you can use tripod together with USB and HDMI terminal.

  • Hard Case TH-1

    This is a weather-resistant equivalent to IPX7, polycarbonate case which is suitable for shooting in waterside. It can mount on several camera accessary because it is equipped with tripod mount.
    Note: RICOH THETA (m15/S) cannot shoot under water. Shooting can be only through remote operation from a smartphone.

  • Soft Case TS-1

    This is a slot in case which combines functionality and protection performance. It is easy to carry because of its' small size and light weight, and is able to put RICOH THETA inside while wearing the optional accessary, Attachment for strap. We provide two colors, white and black.

  • Attachment for strap
    (5 colors available)

    Attach this to the tripod hole at the bottom to use a strap available from stores.

  • Cable switch

    This is a cable switch to operate the camera shutter.
    * Please insert the USB cable bundled with the purchased camera. An AAA battery is required to purchase separately.
    * Half-press shutter function is not applicable to RICOH THETA S.

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