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HD PENTAX-D FA★ 70-200mmF2.8ED DC AW

“Reliable tough partner which increases the possibility of expression and mobility”

Defocusing creates greater depth of field you have ever imagined

I believe I could shoot photos maximizing the characteristics of the telephoto zoom range (shooting neither too close nor too far). Thanks to its large aperture design, the lens provides a maximum aperture of F2.8, enabling to express greater depth of field I have ever imagined, which is created by defocusing the background at a closer focus distance. In addition, the focus range limiter offers to control the focus range, thus enabling quick focusing which allows you to make an image composition on the snow where it is usually difficult to focus on. Due to difficulty in focusing with the lens aperture open, I guess that the users would have had a hard time taking photos if there had not been any focus range limiter available for them. Warm image rendition specific to PENTAX is also attractive, and I think is suitable for portraits as well as sports photography. The lens has a minimum focus distance of 1.2m, so you can shoot a step closer to your subject than you do with competitors' lenses. Thus it is an essential item for travelers.

Tough enough to help you concentrate on shooting under any circumstances

As for toughness, it has AW (All Weather), perfect waterproof construction, so I could put it on a wet camera bag, instead of putting it in the bag, while waiting for photo opportunities, which helped me shoot photos smoothly. Because of the zoom ring installed in the front part of its body, it can give a good sense of grip during photo taking. Thus, I think it is as well-designed for user-friendliness as for toughness in terms of function. Its solid construction that builds a sense of massiveness is also appealing. I want to spend hours looking at it on my desk (laugh).

Shooting Data

Hikarigahara Cattours in Niigata,
Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort in Nagano
Dice Maruyama portrait
Name Dice Maruyama
Born in Nagano. He has signed exclusive contracts with snowboard magazine publishers in Japan, Canada, USA, Germany, Norway and England, and his photos have been widely used in front covers or ads around the world. Recently, he moved his base from Canada to Japan, and works not just on snowboard photos but on a wide range of activities.
Dice Maruyama signature

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