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  • Auto Flash(Case and stand included)
    (AF540FGZ II)

    A high-power, weather-resistant, dustproof flash unit compatible for movie recording

  • Auto Flash(Case and stand included)
    (AF360FGZ II)

    A high-performanec flash unit featuring an LED light

  • Auto Flash(Case and stand included)

    Compact, lightweight flash with a dust and weather-resistant construction

  • Battery Grip

    Equipped with an extra shutter release button and front/rear e-dials, this accessory assures outstanding operability, even during vertical-position shooting.

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

    For a spare battery on the road

  • Battery Charger Kit

    For recharging the exclusive D-LI90P battery

  • AC Adapter Kit

    For power supply from household electrical outlets

  • Waterproof Remote Control

    A weather-resistant remote controller, perfect for the shooting in drizzle and by the water
    *The battery is not changeable

  • Cable Switch

    A shutter-release accessory handy for extended exposures

  • IMAGE Transmitter 2

    Software that enables the transferring of photographed images to a PC and the operation of the camera with a PC using Live View.

  • Image-Sensor Cleaning Kit

    A cleaning stick for quick, easy removal of dust on the image sensor

  • Strap

    For active, flexible shooting

  • Strap

    The premium Strap with both the K-1 and PENTAX logos will be available via direct sale only. The four centimeter wide strap is made of soft material that reduces strain on your shoulders. It is also designed for convenient use when wrapped around your wrist.

  • Eyecup FT

    This eyecup is exclusive use for PENTAX K-1.

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