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35mm Compact Cameras: PC-550
Large, Bright Viewfinder for Easy Viewing with Eyeglasses
The PC-550 features a large, bright viewfinder to offer a clear view of the subject, even for eyeglass wearers.
28mm Wide Angle for Indoor Snapshots and Wide-Perspective Images
Thanks to the 28mm wide-angle lens, you can capture entire group images of family or friends within a confined room, or produce eye-catching portraits with spectacular scenery stretched across the background.
Date Imprinting for Automatic Recording of Day and Time
The PC-550 lets you imprint the date and/or time of shooting automatically on your pictures, for accurate track of important events or gatherings. You can simply switch it off when you want to keep the entire image intact.
Automatic Flash Discharge in the Dark
The PC-550's built-in flash automatically discharges in the dark or at night. It even offers the red-eye reduction function to avoid the annoying red-eye effect in your subject's eyes.
Reliable Autofocus for Sharp, Crisp Images
With the PC-550, there are no focusing worries. Just press the shutter release button, and the camera does it all, assuring you of crisply focused images anytime, anywhere.
Automatic Film Handling for Mistake-Free Operation
Align the end of the film leader at the film loading mark, close the back cover, and press the shutter release button. This loads the film in place, position the first frame and even sets the ISO film speed — all automatically. The camera also rewinds the film at the end, or at any midway point, if necessary.

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